Monday, May 30, 2011

Secrets For September - Crumlin 28th May 2011

So Wales it was,

We got asked to do a gig in Wales, well it was more the promoter put out a Facebook we need a band type post. The gig was billed as things, A Festival Camping, Vice Squad headlining and Family Friendly all for charity.

So in my mind was a field, a Marquee, Camp site, side shows and someone going round with a collection bucket.

What it was when we arrived was pub in the middle of a housing estate full of Hells Angles, all very polite and friendly but not exactly the mini Beautiful Days that I was expecting and no sign of a camp sight anywhere, there was a food wagon with nothing Vegetarian on it at all, Drink prices though, happy days a round for under a fiver!

Anyhow, this gig was initially going to be an acoustic show, at the time the gig was booked the band consisted of just Me, Naill and Mike. If you have not been aware, Secrets For September had a bit of a re think, the band is actually Me on Guitar, Dave on Bass, Mike on Drums and Marina is the singer. We only do 1 song from the last year + of the bands official existence everything else is new.

We were always down to being the first band on, this has a big advantage that we can sound check properly this was also our first show as an electric set.

The PA was well below what we had been promised, more or less a vocal pa with some sub standard monitor and no reverb. Still we managed to get something resembling a sound. It’s a totally different dynamic to rehearsing, and using the excellent facilities at Sound Gallery meant that we have made a lot of progress as a band in the last 6 -8 weeks.

So by the time of the set I was quietly confident that it would go ok. We did just over a half hour set, nothing technically went wrong, Mikes happy playing to the click now because we have keyboards on a backing track, everything else is totally live. There is some great interplay with Dave and Mike, they really hit it as a rhythm section. I was starting to feel a lot more comfortable playing this material, I mean it’s a real change from playing the best of ALF for the last god knows how many years. Marinas confidence is getting there too, she was nailing bits that that were a bit iffy at the last acoustic gig, so all in all the band is progressing well. The high point for me was the funk song we do called ‘Wandering Minds’ that was the best song we did for me. I think once were in a better venue with a decent pa then its just going to get better and better for us. And my now all analogue pedalboard was great and the Acoustic pick up on the Les Paul also worked well.

Here is a video of the gig with the sound from another of our new songs.

After the gig we all headed off our separate ways, Myself and Lee-Anne ended up eating Soup and Panini's at the Picturehouse was a good day.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Radio Playlists..
Missed out on my recent things on the radio.

Friday 13th May Arthur Brown Special

As I had done that gig with Arthur I thought I would play some of his tracks as well as mention his South West shows later in the year.

Fire - Well it had to be played
There then was an Interview by Vic with Arthur
Devils Grip - Live at the Picturehouse
I Put a Spell On You

Friday 20th May - Bob Dylan's Birthday

I wanted ot talk about electric Dylan, the 65-66 era some of his best work IMO.

Maggies farm
Outlaw blues
Leapord Skin Pill Box Hat

Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Wall in Dublin 23rd May 2011

So we get to the 02 Arean Dublin, from the outside looks like an old factory. We were well early and I had the mishap of falling over a paving slab and hurting my finger, something Lee-Anne found highly amusing. There was only 1 pub nearby called the Green Room, total rip off, 10 euros for a coke and a cider! Still it passed the time, they were showing the bootleg DVD of floyds 87 hanger rehearsal.

We ended up right at the front of the queue, there are very few shows on the wall tour that have standing, so once we got in we were on the barrier. Very happy with this.

The wall is going to be massive, there is a mannequin on stage with Rogers coat on it, and I spot Dave Kilminster showing someone around the stage.
The show was delayed by 15 minutes, I guess because of the Obama visit. I’m not going to give away too many spoilers here but the opening was quite spectacular with amazing effects and fireworks. The sound was crystal clear and not too loud.

Roger looked happy, all the way through the gig he was saying that he was a miserable git 30 years ago and now hes very happy. Strange to think there are only 2 people on stage that played the original wall shows (Roger and the ever dependable Snowy White). The attention to detail was what impressed me the most, as a brig goes in an image appears on the brick. Some thought provoking images of people that have died in war, more were projected during the interval, Roger really has though long and hard about this show. Its NOT the show about the washed out rock start that the original show / film was about, its about now, its about Afghanistan and todays issues, this show could have been written today.

Its not all doom and gloom though, its about musicianship of the very top end, Dave Kilminster is every bit as good as David Gilmour, hes probably the best ‘NEW’ guitarist of the last 20 years to be honest.

Roger has schoolchildren on stage for the chorus of Another Brick in the Wall, how cool must have that been for them, this is something roger started at the Live Earth gig in 2007.

Second half was all about the projections, so magnificent, Comfortably numb has this amazing but where roger punches the wall. Then they all re group on stage for the Run Like hell / Waiting for the Worms section.

The the wall falls down, the security don’t want any hands over the barrier, I did want to punch a brick but couldn’t quite reach oh well!!

This is the best gig you will ever seen yes it really is.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Its been a mad musical week this week.

Monday it was Secrets For September rehearsal in Exeter at Sound Gallary studios, this believe it or not is the first time that all 4 of us have practised as a band normally we have practised where someone is not in attendance, Marina has been busy with a show she has been working on that I saw last week, and now we all got together. Having a solid set of 8 songs now means that we have something concrete to work with, not band given that 4 months ago this band didn’t exist and only one of the 8 songs was written. It all went reasonably well few things to work on but nothing that isn’t going to be too much hassle.

Then on Thursday Arthur brown came to visit, he has given me all the Kingdom Come mater multitrack tapes inc some of the Puddletown sessions as well to get transferred and then to be archived in a digital format. Anyhow I had a gig at the picturehouse nothing new there, but Arthur came along as he was staying here. While I was getting ready, it was mentioned by a few people was Arthur going to perform so we ran through a couple of ideas and then decided to do some numbers.

Above Martin, Roger (The Cure), Lee-Anne,
Simon (The Mission), Arthur and Me

So the set went like this.

Fortunes Light

The Widow’s Blame
(As Arthur had sang this on the last ALF Album)

All Living Fea
r (First time this had been done live since the early 90s)

Love is a Spirit (One of Arthurs songs he wanted me to sing it so he could hear me do it!!) I managed to cock up Love is a Spirit it was a bit of an ordeal to be honest!!

Me and Arthur

Devils Grip
That’s How Strong My Love Is

Arthur was magnificent I have never been to a picturehouse gig where every single person in the room stopped chatting and were fixed on watching every note that Arthur sang. And the audience wasn none too shabby either good turn out as it was Andy B’s from the Picturehouse’s birthday too.

After my set I went to jelly I have never done this is 20 years of gigging, and its not like it isn’t the first time I have played with Arthur no stage, I guess I wanted it to be perfect and apart from one note in the solo of Devils Grip it was.
We had a relaxing rest of the evening with National Pastime finishing off the night, and then we were delighted to an impromptu rendition of Goth Detectives by the Superpunkmuffin.

A perfect way to end a perfect evening.
The Friday I played Arthur some of the new music, he really liked the new Secrets For September stuff and I also played him the miserylab track which he also liked. He then met up with Vic Morgan from BBC radio and did an interview for the late show before heading back to Sussex. All in all a great few days.

Here is a video of Devils Grip

Thursday, May 05, 2011

All Living Fear 2011

'All Living Fear' was a song that I wrote back in 1993, It was on our second Demo tape a a new version that had almost the same arrangement was released on the Fifteen Years After CD, so here is a new working of the track more in keeping with how All Living Fear sound these days.

All Living Fear (2011) by All Living Fear

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Radio Plays of the last 2 week

Just remembered I haven't updated what I played / Talked about on Radio Devon for the last couple of weeks.

Friday 22nd April 2011

As its been announced The Quireboys are one of the Headline bands of Devon Rox festival at Powderham Castle I played a couple song from the classic debut 'A Bit of What You Fancy'

The Quireboys
7 O'Clock
Hey You

I also talked about Saxons Superb show at the Princess Pavilion the day before

Saxon - Strong Arm Of The Law

And for a bit of a change, I played the title track from Kate Bush's last album and talked a little about the Directors Cut CD that will be out soon.

Kate Bush - Aerial

Friday 29th April 2011

It was announced that Roger Daltry is to peform Tommy at Powderham Castle in Exeter, as I had been to the Albert Hall to see the same show a few weeks ago, I played a Live Tommy track from the Whos 1989 reunion album Join Together.

The Who - Christmas

Adam Ant had also announced 2 South west shows for the 17th and 18th June (Exeter and Falmouth)

Adam and the Ants - Ants Invasion

as it was the royal wedding, and people were going on about The Kiss, I thought id have something with the word kiss in the title and Siousxie follows on with many connection to Adam and the Ants

Siouxsie and the Banshees - Kiss them for me

Last of all was a band that I had wanted to play for ages, and also it was also for one of our listeners that lives in Chile

The Church - Under the Milky Way

Sunday, May 01, 2011

The Timepiece Exeter 29th April 2011

Its not everyday there is a royal wedding, and what a good event it was to see on television. While watching I get a text message from Garth, whom used to own the Hub in Exeter and is not the main promoter at Timepiece in Exeter asking me if I would play a short notice gig.
Timepiece and me go back a long way, it was one of the first clubs proper I started going to when I was at the end of my Teens / Early 20s, the building has moved, but in essence its very much still the same place, I regard it with great fondness and I rate it as the best club I have ever been to and still do.

It's a club of great history, great character and it is cheap / free to get in and the drinks prices are very good too.

Anyhow I jumped at the opportunity to play there though I have not done a solo set in quite some time, so once I got there and got set up I had about 45 minutes to practice in the corner with nobody looking a half hour set.
By the time
I got on stage the room had filled up quite nicely and good to see some friends there like Richard, Anthony and Kal there.

The set went like this

Improvised intro song

Fortunes Light

Close Down

Blue Sky

The Widow’s Blame
Love is a Spirit (Kingdom Come song)
Broken Dream

The set went down really well, I’d almost go to say it’s the best solo gig I have ever done. The recording I made was none too bad either, may post a track up to sound cloud later.