The Timepiece Exeter 29th April 2011

Its not everyday there is a royal wedding, and what a good event it was to see on television. While watching I get a text message from Garth, whom used to own the Hub in Exeter and is not the main promoter at Timepiece in Exeter asking me if I would play a short notice gig.
Timepiece and me go back a long way, it was one of the first clubs proper I started going to when I was at the end of my Teens / Early 20s, the building has moved, but in essence its very much still the same place, I regard it with great fondness and I rate it as the best club I have ever been to and still do.

It's a club of great history, great character and it is cheap / free to get in and the drinks prices are very good too.

Anyhow I jumped at the opportunity to play there though I have not done a solo set in quite some time, so once I got there and got set up I had about 45 minutes to practice in the corner with nobody looking a half hour set.
By the time
I got on stage the room had filled up quite nicely and good to see some friends there like Richard, Anthony and Kal there.

The set went like this

Improvised intro song

Fortunes Light

Close Down

Blue Sky

The Widow’s Blame
Love is a Spirit (Kingdom Come song)
Broken Dream

The set went down really well, I’d almost go to say it’s the best solo gig I have ever done. The recording I made was none too bad either, may post a track up to sound cloud later.


Marc Hughes said…
nice one Matt !

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