Wednesday, April 22, 2015

New Single out today 'When You Cry'

Well its been a long journey but today I have a new single out called 'When You Cry'. Im not sure what will be next for me but I think for now I'm not going to record any more solo stuff. I have a busy year with the Mike Westbrook band as well as working on Secrets For September recordings. 

Anyhow take a listen here. 

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Monday, January 05, 2015

My musical year 2014

2014 was a very strange year. It was the first year in music where I went into the year without any kind of ‘Band’ on the go. I decided to have a go and see if I could do a solo gig a week to try and up my game at the singer / songwriter thing though I did kick off the year playing a one off show as guitarist to National Pastime this was my only show of 2014 that I played electric guitar.

In February I did the second Department Factory ‘Valentine’ show this time I was accompanied by Michael Soundy on Djembe this turned out to be the last time that I played live with Mike as he decided to leave Secrets For September. I felt that the performance was much better this year and the CD came out very well even if it wasn't a massive seller.

I had been offered a solo gig in the south east for later in the year so I decided as the solo gigs were going not too badly to do a small tour, and to go with this I also recorded some solo material. Initially was going to be just a couple singles or maybe an EP but it ended up being a full album called ‘still THINKING still DREAMING?’ Making albums are always fun to do and this one was dead easy as it was mostly acoustic based with 4 part strings arranged by a friend on a couple tracks and there was drums that I played on 2 other songs. Reception to it was good from people that heard it. I followed this up with an ep called 'Still Waiting' that included my version of John Barleycorn. 

The summer also saw me starting to play bass with my friend Scott Morrison he writes really good songs and I enjoy playing with him and Ishy.
Phonic FM in Exeter decided to do a 2 hour radio show about me and my involvement in music, was fun to do and I got to play a lot of tunes from my back catalogue as well as a couple songs live and many tunes from friends and influences.

Probably the biggest and most surprising thing that happened was being asked to join Mike Westbrooks band. I have been a fan of his music since I was a teenager and a couple years ago never thought I’d get to meet him let alone be in his band. The piece that I am involved with is called ‘A Bigger Show’ and is a fantastic piece of music. We did a test gig in the summer but since then more as been developed with the piece and it will be played live throughout the year.

I have still been doing a bit of musical film making mostly with the Westbrook band as well as some other musicians. I have built up my portable recording setup and can now do 16 tracks at once. Some of the recordings I have made I’m very proud of.

My Radio work carried on and I was even reporting live from various great shows inc Wilko Johnson and Roger Daltry in London, The Yardbirds and The Cure. I enjoy talking about new music and there has been a wealth of great albums in 2014 to talk about. My 2 albums of the year are Lana Del Reys Ultraviolence and Pink Floyds The Endless River.

I have also been going through my archive the first thing I did was dub off everything on Dat and Mini disk this included several years of Whitby Goth Weekend recordings as well as all my demos, I then moved on to dubbing off all the recordings made between 1990 and 1996 on my 6 track machine I found a lot of good stuff some of which I fully intend to do something with at some point.

In the Autumn I was very lucky to have been asked by my friend Reeves Gabrels to open for him at his show in Birmingham. This was the first time I had played in Brum for 11 years since the last time All Living Fear were there in 2003. Birmingham has changed so much in that time and the poor old Mercat where we used to play is all boarded up.  Another show that stands out for me was playing the Main stage at the Phoenix in Exeter, I only went along as an audience member but was asked to do a set, it was great to play on a really big stage with a top Pa and the set went down really well. I also ended up playing on the finale of ‘The Big Gig’ at Bictonfest.

Secrets For September only played 2 shows this year one was opening for Arthur Brown in Totnes and was the first time that I have ever played in Totnes seeing it’s so close to my home town. Though Mike had left the band he agreed to do the recording session that I had booked at Sound Gallery initially we were going to record drums for one track and then release that as a single, but I managed to get him to play a whole bunch of stuff that we tracked bass and Drums live this giving us around 12 new pieces of music to work from and added to the 4 songs that we already have recorded the best bits will form the Secrets For September album. This will be a long process but I hope that it will be released some time in 2015. Secrets has also been on the back burner as Ellie relocated to Cardiff.

I also started re assessing the All Living Fear collection as we put out a new mix of Crimson as our first release on Spotify. 

So that’s pretty much my year in music. I did do my 52 solo gigs and around a dozen shows with other people. I released 2 CD and 2 digital downloads as well as going to a lot of gigs and making a lot of friends and even saw out the year in the Pub with Andy Racher from All Living Fear whom I had not seen for 5 years and No there is no All Living Fear reunion. What does 2015 hold I have no Idea. I miss Secrets a lot and would like to get a new version of the band together and I would also like to play sessions with other bands as I do miss playing Electric guitar a lot. Lets see what happens. 

Well the year started with me being voted no 23 on the EKR Radio top 100 of 2014. Listen to the album and buy from here

Thursday, January 01, 2015

Queen and Adam Lambert one for the moaners

So the question is how many bands that have been around almost 50 years still have the same line up and have never broken up ? Answer not many the closest is probably U2. 

Most major bands have had so many line up changes over the years there may be only 1 or 2 original members left. Robert Smith is the only original member of the Cure, Dave Brock for Hawkwind, Nick Rhodes for Duran Duran & Chris Squire for Yes. Drummers Fair well in that the only long serving original members of Pink Floyd, the Yardbirds & The Animals are the Drummer. Nobody batters an eyelid in that Lynyrd Skynyrd have hardly any original members because of the fateful air crash. Or lack of original members of Big Country  or Thin Lizzy. So why last night was social media full of venom for what Queen are doing these days?

Freddie died in 1991 and the band carried on finishing off music and while John Deacon retired Brian and Roger carried on with various musical projects my answer is this Why the bloody hell shouldn’t they? It’s their job, its what they have done all their life. You don’t go to the Proms and moan because the London Symphony Orchestra should have split up when Sir Thomas Beecham Died. 

I though it was a pure stroke of genius when Queen joined forces with Paul Rodgers they were an outstanding live band and they made a brilliant studio album that the world couldn’t have cared less about. But Queen did 1 Very important thing, unlike many other bands who just used the brand name and that’s it they have ALWAYS maintained that is is Queen (Brian and Roger (and Spike)) + whoever is the vocalist. This is a very important and respectful distinction. 

The Doors were similar as they called themselves The Doors of the 21st Century (before the law suits). You will never replace Freddie, but why on earth can a band not be able to play the songs they wrote and recorded especially in a respectful way unlike the plethora of Tribute bands with Stick on Freddie moustaches where the sole intention is to make money for the tribute bands showing not an ounce of respect to the band in any way. 

The armchair Queen fans on social media last night are so into the band that they have forgotten that Adam Lambert has been involved with the band for 5 years. I also have it on good authority from a friend whom has played back up on his solo work that he has a right decent chap. 

Anyhow watching the show from last night on catch-up they put on a really good show. To my ears Adams vocal style is NOT trying to copy Freddie he’s singing in his own voice. He is Adam Lambert not a Freddie copycat. 

The set list is more of the Queens biggest hits, and I guess that’s what the audience want to hear, Me I’d live to heat the first 3 albums back to back but hey that’s never going to happen. But who cares Brian and Roger do what they do if you don’t like it stop moaning. 

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Missing Who footage appears online.

What a way to end 2014 with some missing footage of The Who Appearing. 

The show in question was transmitted on the 30th December 1970 called 'Into 71'

You can see a full line up of the show here. The 2 songs performed were 'I dont even know Myself' and 'Naked Eye' both played a lot in 1970 and were tipped to be part of the 'Lifehouse' album that ended up being 'Whos Next' Naked Eye has always been one of my favourite Who songs and though the music is on playback the vocals are live. 

I Don't Even Know Myself

Naked Eye


Tuesday, December 16, 2014

The Who Hits 50 in Cardiff Motorpoint Arena 15th December 2014

So last night I went to the same venue I saw The Who at last year. Support band were called Slydigs they were one of those bands whom every song they played you knew exactly what records they has been listening to when writing their tunes bit of a disappointment esp knowing the excellent Standard Lamps had opened for the Who earlier on the tour. 

After they had finished it was a very quick turnaround and The Who were soon on . The first 4 bars of ‘I cant Explain’ already for me beat everything about the Quadropheania show. No disrespect to the stand ins, but with The Who now Pino and Zak are the perfect rhythm section for Pete and Roger. 


The augmentation of the band with extra keyboards and percussion really works well. A bit like the 89 tour except maybe not quite so over the top. The set was a great mixture hearing the Seeker again was a high point as was songs like So Sad about us and Pictures of Lilly both tunes I have never heard live before myself. Join Together was one of those moments where the additional musicians came into their own. 

There was a few missed cues here and there. But that just added to the excitement of a band not playing the standard set list. I was disappointed at no Naked Eye, and I had a feeling that A quick one wouldn’t be in the set for long sadly. The Quadropheania section was probably more enjoyable than the whole gig was last time. The synch up of John with Zak doing the 5:15 solo was immense.
Towards the end Roger announced that he has trouble with his voice due to a cold, so the audience sang along to Wont get Fooled again and Baba
O’Riley before the band ended with Magic Bus. Again a song I never thought I’d hear played live. All in all a great Who show, great banter between Pete and Roger all night.

Thursday, November 06, 2014

Pink Floyd - The Endless River - Review

This has to be the biggest surprise of 2014 a new Pink Floyd album. Its out in the UK on Monday but by the miracle of technology I have acquired a copy for a review so here is my thoughts as I was listening to the album.  

1 Things left Unsaid
This is a ambient soundscape with some spoken lines for interviews, I wouldn't swear to it, but I think one line is even from roger.
2 Its what we do
Very much a coda to the Wish you were here album a kind of a mix of Shine on and welcome to the machine, imho already better than anything that was in Division bell musically. Wonderful.
3 EBB and Flow
This starts off with one of the pulsing synth noises off Metallic  Spheres think youth worked on this one. Some nice backwards guitar with some of Ricks electric piano.
4 Sum
This start the second of the 4 phases of the album almost a flashback to Astronomy Domine at the start then goes into a Gilmour slidefest. I was expecting this to build up into something bigger and it err didn't.  Such as the nature of pink Floyd you never get what you expect.
5 Skins
This could have been a new version of Syncopated Pandemonium from 1968 Nicks wonderful drums with manic slide noises from David.
6 Unsung
Another big 90s Floyd intro piece
7 Anisina
This was one of the tracks the band put a teaser out for, and IMHO they teased a bit that makes people think this was just going to be elevator music. Its very much a Us and Them esque piece. I guess this may have not made the cut for Division bell because it sounds too much like us and them, but the strange thing is it would fit right in as part of Roger Waters ‘When the wind blows’ suite. It’s a shame that the 2 never got combined.
8 The Lost Art Of Conversation
Another Rick piece again could well have been part of the ‘Soundscape’ album that was mooted.  This is really an intro into the following
9 On noodle Street
Its strange this one, it almost sounds like it could be the music for a Bryan Ferry song.
10 Night Light
If I'm critical of anything on this album it’s the very nasal acoustic guitar sound here and there. This track being a case in point. Id have mixed off the acoustic guitar again this is an intro to the next track.
11 Allons-Y (1)
To hardcore  Floyd collectors this is a known track as its been in fan circles for a few years, though polished up now this is essence a song that is musically far better than most of Division bell, had a good driving Floyd riff. But I guess it got dropped because strains of it sound like other Floyd tracks.
12 Autumn 68
This is another nugget of gold Ricks playing the Royal Albert Hall Organ. The weird thing is why wasn't it called autumn 1969 because as far as I know the Floyd never played the Albert hall in 1968 but they did do The man And The Journey there in 1969.  Also if this was the show when the band got ‘banned’ from the RAH how come they played in 1970?
11 Allons-Y (2)
This carries on where the other part left off.
12 Talkin’ Hawkin’
Another nice piece of mid tempo 90s Floyd with speech form Stephen Hawkins , not sure why TBH but hey it’s a great piece of music.
13 Calling
The intro to the last segment of the album a wash with 90s snyths and piano. When recording this the Floyd had ample number of ‘intro’ pieces I suspect that’s why this album was split into 4 sections.
14 Eyes to Pearls
Again not wishing to criticise but not a fan of the guitar sound on this. The Drums sound epic mind.  This is almost Wall esque.
15 Surfacing
The penultimate track on this album, have to say playing this through it feels like it finished very quickly. Again a very polished piece of music that again id add to the list of bits that probably should have gone on the Division Bell.
16 Louder Than Words
This is the song most people know as its had a fair bit of airplay. I don’t mind this song, but its not the most amazing thing ever. The intro really reminds me of Marillion.
NB in addition to the above comment I think this song will grow on me. I may well end up loving this song. Actually I probably already do.

There are also 3 bonus tracks
This is a bit of ambient sound that has its roots in Echoes and Careful with that Axe Eugene. Sounds rather lovely.
TBS 14
Love the fact I can hear a Farfisa in the background of this one, bit like one of the barn jams that David Gilmour did in 2007 nice.  This is one of my favorite pieces on the album.
This starts off with a heavy Gilmour guitar riff (Think Nile song) bug drums come in, this is the ‘Rocker’ of the album. Again another jam but a great jam. Almost has a Punk vibe.

To summarize I have enjoyed listening to this album a lot more than my first listen to The Division bell and to A Momentary Lapse of Reason.  Maybe my tastes are different to how they were back then.
This album is a collection of bits, but I know that because I am a Pink Floyd nerd and can understand why bits were not used. But that does not mean that this is something that shouldn't be heard because as a piece of music it is in my view far better than what most modern bands today will dish out.  Is this the best Pink Floyd album no, is it the worst, no its probably the album of the 3 post Roger Waters albums that I will play the most that’s for sure.

Below the EPK for the album

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

What Classic Rock presents Prog forgot part 3

The last 10 album that I feel should have been the Classic rock presents Prog magazine top 100 albums of all time rather than too many albums by Yes and Genesis! 

T2 - It'll All Work out In Boomland

Pure classic progressive rock from Decca in 1972. This is another that should have been top 5. This trio had a solid sound a blend of Cream, King Crimson and a hint of Black Sabbath. The album has been re issued many times, though a 1st press on Decca fetches a tasty sum. Side 2 has the epic 22 minute song Morning that is as good as Echoes as far as long constructed pieces is concerned. 

Manfred Mann - Chapter Three 

Another release from Vertigo. At the end of Manfred Mann the band had gone down a Jazzy route and this carried on with Chapter three with its solid bass riffs and lots of great solos. Trumpet legend harry Beckett even makes and Appearance. Zappa fans of the Grand Wazoo era will love this, as will people that dig Black Sabbaths version of 'Warning'

Deep Purple - In Rock

As I mentioned earlier how the mighty Purple didn't make the top 100 when stuff like Kansas and Opeth did god only knows. In rock was the first studio album with Ian Gillan and like Wishbone Ash's Blown' Free Child in Time is going to be pn many great Progressive Rock sampler albums and is a classic track of the genre as is the albums opener Speed King. 

to be continued..... 

The Next 10 Albums that Classic Rock Prog readers forgot

Here is the next batch..


In the late 60s one of the best bands in the UK was The Yardbirds, and in 2014 one of the best bands around is, The Yardbirds. When they split in 1968 Chris and Jimmy wanted to do Led Zeppelin (though Chris soon dropped out), Where as Jum and Keith wanted to do something more experimental and Progressive. The result was this belter of an LP released on Island and produced by former Yardbird Paul Samwell Smith. 

A mix of Classical , Rock and a little bit of Jazz influences this collection of just 5 tracks but ranging from 4 to nearly 12 minutes in length. 

Original Bass Player Louis Cennamo was seen recently performing with McCarty at his 'Frontman' show where Jim performed tracks from this era and beyond with some Prog epics in the set. 

Focus - Focus 3

Moving waves made the list, but Focus 3 didn't, I cant work out why the side and a half of 'Annoymous' should have made it on to the list alone with its heavy riffs flutes and Hammond. As well has having the bands other hit Sylvia on it. 2 Lps of Dutch Prog at its finest. 

Mostly Autumn - The Spirit of Autumn Past

As far as I'm concerned Mostly Autumn are the best of the 'New' Progressive rock bands, they tour every year, out out an album every year, the lives shows are great and the people themselves are some of the most friendly musicians you are ever likely to meet. Its hard to pick and album for this list as they have released so many, but The Sprit Of Autumn Past is a beautiful album and has the audience pleaser and classic song Evergreen on it. 

Pendragon - The Masquerade Overture

It was most odd that one of the stalwarts of modern British Progressive Rock Pendragon were like Mostly Autumn missed off the list if favour of bands like Radiohead and Supertramp!!! 

Pendragon have plodded on for years, they have very high production values and this album is top of the tree, well crafted songs and superb musicianship all the way through well up there with Marillions Brave. 

Traffic - John Barleycorn Must Die

A fusion of Folk, Rock and Jazz Steve Winwood was initially going to make a solo album but decided to have the rest of the band join in, some great work outs on songs like Glad that were expanded on the Traffic on the Road album. Traffic at the time were a Progressive band but because they had also had hit singles they were thought of more as a pop group. 

Twelfth Night - Fact and Fiction

Twelfth Night from Reading were another of the new breed of British Prog lead by Marillion, and this bunch made several fine albums and I first heard them in the radio as a teenager. Released on vinyl first then re released in CD sometime later this is a classic 80s Prog album and I'm pleased to say they band have recently started playing live again. 

Wishbone Ash - Argus

This is the benchmark of the Twin Guitar sound, Just about every Progressive Rock compilation ever made has Blowin' Free or The King Will Come on it. 

Martin Turner is a Genius

Judy Dyble - Talking with Strangers

This seen by many as Judys comeback album with a list as long as your arm of prog & folk rock royalty inc Robert Fripp, Simon Nicol, Julianne Regan, Tim Bowness & Pat Mastelotto. The 20 minute Harpsong that takes up side 2 if you have the vinyl was even once on a Prog mag CD so how this album was omitted is baffling as its a superb album from start to finish.

I was good to hear C'est la vie played over the PA at Cropredy the other day. 

Pete Brown and Piblokto - Things May Come and Things May Go but the Art School Dance Goes on Forever

Another tragic omission was anything by Pete Brown, Beat Poet and lyricist to Cream in his own right has released many great albums many on EMI Harvest label. This cracker from 1970 some great musicians inc Jim Mullen on guitar , Roger Bun on bass and Rob Tate on Drums. Browns voice and lyrics against this heavy backdrop of driving bass and drums with the odd harmonium thrown in to makes this one of the most under rated prog rock albums of all time. 

Deep Purple - Concerto for Group and Orchestra

The most tragic thing about Progs list is there was NOTHING from Deep Purple in there at all, this is a scandal. Concerto as you all know was the first proper orchestra meets rock band album recorded live at the Royal Albert All composed at the same time as Making the Classic In Rock album (Child in Time being performed at the same show and subsequently re issued on the CD). If I had to do a Top 5 greatest prog albums of all time this would be there probably just behind Dark Side Of The Moon.