Its been a mad musical week this week.

Monday it was Secrets For September rehearsal in Exeter at Sound Gallary studios, this believe it or not is the first time that all 4 of us have practised as a band normally we have practised where someone is not in attendance, Marina has been busy with a show she has been working on that I saw last week, and now we all got together. Having a solid set of 8 songs now means that we have something concrete to work with, not band given that 4 months ago this band didn’t exist and only one of the 8 songs was written. It all went reasonably well few things to work on but nothing that isn’t going to be too much hassle.

Then on Thursday Arthur brown came to visit, he has given me all the Kingdom Come mater multitrack tapes inc some of the Puddletown sessions as well to get transferred and then to be archived in a digital format. Anyhow I had a gig at the picturehouse nothing new there, but Arthur came along as he was staying here. While I was getting ready, it was mentioned by a few people was Arthur going to perform so we ran through a couple of ideas and then decided to do some numbers.

Above Martin, Roger (The Cure), Lee-Anne,
Simon (The Mission), Arthur and Me

So the set went like this.

Fortunes Light

The Widow’s Blame
(As Arthur had sang this on the last ALF Album)

All Living Fea
r (First time this had been done live since the early 90s)

Love is a Spirit (One of Arthurs songs he wanted me to sing it so he could hear me do it!!) I managed to cock up Love is a Spirit it was a bit of an ordeal to be honest!!

Me and Arthur

Devils Grip
That’s How Strong My Love Is

Arthur was magnificent I have never been to a picturehouse gig where every single person in the room stopped chatting and were fixed on watching every note that Arthur sang. And the audience wasn none too shabby either good turn out as it was Andy B’s from the Picturehouse’s birthday too.

After my set I went to jelly I have never done this is 20 years of gigging, and its not like it isn’t the first time I have played with Arthur no stage, I guess I wanted it to be perfect and apart from one note in the solo of Devils Grip it was.
We had a relaxing rest of the evening with National Pastime finishing off the night, and then we were delighted to an impromptu rendition of Goth Detectives by the Superpunkmuffin.

A perfect way to end a perfect evening.
The Friday I played Arthur some of the new music, he really liked the new Secrets For September stuff and I also played him the miserylab track which he also liked. He then met up with Vic Morgan from BBC radio and did an interview for the late show before heading back to Sussex. All in all a great few days.

Here is a video of Devils Grip


Marc Hughes said…
Wonderful Matt - wish I'd been there !

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