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North and Parker Exeter Cavern 29th Dec 2010

About 2 weeks ago, I though, Hummm, I wonder who’s playing the Cavern in the next few weeks, and just by chance I sent Dave at the Cavern a text to see if there was any support slots going, and good as he is came back with a gig straight away Dave top man as ever. Anyhow, on the day of the gig because of the snow we hadn’t had much chance to go through the set so we had to do it in the afternoon, we did a short set of about 26 minutes so we were able to run through the set a couple times. One thing that worried me was that I haven’t done an electric gig for so long, doing the acoustic stuff has been great and I’ve really got the hang of it, but the electric is still a little tricky and I’m mostly referring to the vocal side of things here.So we pile in to the cavern and there is plenty of time to grab chips always a good thing to do. Dave even bought us a round of drinks, marvellous.There were 3 bands on, sound checks all went pretty well, o…
23rd Dec 2010 another great night at the Picturehouse

Well last night was a really fun gig, by far the best one of the year I reckon. Started off a bit differently a friend of ours wanted to sing a song, so we did a cover of Stuck In the Middle with Ellie on vocals and Lee-Anne played bass, this went down very well indeed.
Ellie had never sung before in public and really enjoyed it.
Then it went to my set, I hadn’t really prepared the set just gone through a few songs at hope, as it turned out it was a varied set and went on for about an hour!

Set List:

Stuck in the Middle (with Ellie and Lee-Anne)
Fortunes Light (Played on a Mandolin)
Blue Sky
Don’t Look Back (Lloyd Cole song)
Close Down
To Behold
Carnival Of Souls
Love is a spirit (Arthur Brown song)
The Widow’s Blame (with a very extended guitar solo)

After the set we were treated to an encore of The mighty Super Punk Muffins Goth Detectives quality stuff, and a Quality night.

On the way home we went into Ali’s kebab shop in New…
Tres Desole at The Exeter Picturehouse 9th Dec 2010

So another trip to my second home the Picturehouse in Exeter, I was suppose to have been joined by Niall for this one but he was unable to attend so I did it on my tod.

Some variation in the set tonight, I added Into The Light, as the MK3 version of ALF’s songs seldom get a play these days, one of my friends Steve was there, and he requested a couple songs, and out of his list I picked Tres Desole. The set went like this

Fortunes Light
Blue Sky
Tres Desole
Into The Light
Broken Dream
To Behold

It was also the day that I released my Solo EP called Broken strings, if you would like to hear it use the played below, and you can also download it and set the price you wish to pay, if though you wish to have it for free I’d really appreciate it if you could post a link to it on your facebook profile, thanks.