North and Parker Exeter Cavern 29th Dec 2010

About 2 weeks ago, I though, Hummm, I wonder who’s playing the Cavern in the next few weeks, and just by chance I sent Dave at the Cavern a text to see if there was any support slots going, and good as he is came back with a gig straight away Dave top man as ever.

Anyhow, on the day of the gig because of the snow we hadn’t had much chance to go through the set so we had to do it in the afternoon, we did a short set of about 26 minutes so we were able to run through the set a couple times. One thing that worried me was that I haven’t done an electric gig for so long, doing the acoustic stuff has been great and I’ve really got the hang of it, but the electric is still a little tricky and I’m mostly referring to the vocal side of things here.

So we pile in to the cavern and there is plenty of time to grab chips always a good thing to do. Dave even bought us a round of drinks, marvellous.

There were 3 bands on, sound checks all went pretty well, our stage time was 8.30 and it was good to see a good number of friends there. One thing I was aware of was that the vocal microphone was very loud, I did ask the sound guy to turn it down and it was booming at me on stage, the result was I tried to compensate for it, and that only means one thing for an in experienced singer like myself, it sounded wobbly!

As far as the other on stage sound aspects are concerned the mix was perfect, I could hear everything else, and myself and Niall played really tight, there was no bum notes to speak of, I have expanded a lot in some of the solos, mostly down to the influences of my guitar less with Reeves back along, and listening to the recording, I am very disappointed with the vocals, hopefully this will be rectified when I finally get a singer for Secrets for September.

So we played:

To Behold
Wait for Yesterday
Is Space Found?

Not a bad selection of songs, mostly new, with a brief visit to the past, The flanger on my Polychorus gave me probably the most will Goth guitar sound that I ever had!!!

Next band up were Morning Rush, a nice selection of quality acoustic guitars on stage I noticed, they have gone for the 90s acoustic almost indie sound, think that Deep Blue Something Breakfast at tiffanies song and you get the idea, they had a lot of fans, most were probably not born when I first played at the cavern, thus making me and my comrades feeling particularly old, to the point that Kal and co left early! Its always a much more mature audience at the Picturehouse you see.

Above Morning Rush

Once they did there bit The Quails came one, now this is a band I know of more by reputation than actually seeing them. 4 piece indie guitar rock band with a bit of synths here and there, very of the time band if you know what I mean, and they are doing very well though I wouldn’t have used Plymouth city centre as a backdeop for a music video!

One of the best bands I saw this year was Show of Hands the Exeter folk rock band that sell out the Royal Albert Hall every time they play, well the main mane Steve Knightly was in the audience (His nephew is in Morning Rush) and was watching our set, I was a little in aw of someone so top of there game being in the audience of a sat of ours that I felt was below par, under normal circumstances id have said hello, but best stay quiet on this.

So not the best performance, still plenty to learn from it but a good way to round off the year.


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