Tres Desole at The Exeter Picturehouse 9th Dec 2010

So another trip to my second home the Picturehouse in Exeter, I was suppose to have been joined by Niall for this one but he was unable to attend so I did it on my tod.

Some variation in the set tonight, I added Into The Light, as the MK3 version of ALF’s songs seldom get a play these days, one of my friends Steve was there, and he requested a couple songs, and out of his list I picked Tres Desole. The set went like this

Fortunes Light
Blue Sky
Tres Desole
Into The Light
Broken Dream
To Behold

It was also the day that I released my Solo EP called Broken strings, if you would like to hear it use the played below, and you can also download it and set the price you wish to pay, if though you wish to have it for free I’d really appreciate it if you could post a link to it on your facebook profile, thanks.


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