Queen and Adam Lambert one for the moaners

So the question is how many bands that have been around almost 50 years still have the same line up and have never broken up ? Answer not many the closest is probably U2. 

Most major bands have had so many line up changes over the years there may be only 1 or 2 original members left. Robert Smith is the only original member of the Cure, Dave Brock for Hawkwind, Nick Rhodes for Duran Duran & Chris Squire for Yes. Drummers Fair well in that the only long serving original members of Pink Floyd, the Yardbirds & The Animals are the Drummer. Nobody batters an eyelid in that Lynyrd Skynyrd have hardly any original members because of the fateful air crash. Or lack of original members of Big Country  or Thin Lizzy. So why last night was social media full of venom for what Queen are doing these days?

Freddie died in 1991 and the band carried on finishing off music and while John Deacon retired Brian and Roger carried on with various musical projects my answer is this Why the bloody hell shouldn’t they? It’s their job, its what they have done all their life. You don’t go to the Proms and moan because the London Symphony Orchestra should have split up when Sir Thomas Beecham Died. 

I though it was a pure stroke of genius when Queen joined forces with Paul Rodgers they were an outstanding live band and they made a brilliant studio album that the world couldn’t have cared less about. But Queen did 1 Very important thing, unlike many other bands who just used the brand name and that’s it they have ALWAYS maintained that is is Queen (Brian and Roger (and Spike)) + whoever is the vocalist. This is a very important and respectful distinction. 

The Doors were similar as they called themselves The Doors of the 21st Century (before the law suits). You will never replace Freddie, but why on earth can a band not be able to play the songs they wrote and recorded especially in a respectful way unlike the plethora of Tribute bands with Stick on Freddie moustaches where the sole intention is to make money for the tribute bands showing not an ounce of respect to the band in any way. 

The armchair Queen fans on social media last night are so into the band that they have forgotten that Adam Lambert has been involved with the band for 5 years. I also have it on good authority from a friend whom has played back up on his solo work that he has a right decent chap. 

Anyhow watching the show from last night on catch-up they put on a really good show. To my ears Adams vocal style is NOT trying to copy Freddie he’s singing in his own voice. He is Adam Lambert not a Freddie copycat. 

The set list is more of the Queens biggest hits, and I guess that’s what the audience want to hear, Me I’d live to heat the first 3 albums back to back but hey that’s never going to happen. But who cares Brian and Roger do what they do if you don’t like it stop moaning. 


MalsDoxy said…
If you get a chance to see one of their European shows you really should...they DO play songs from the first few albums and not the big hits either...it's a phenomonal spectacle and Adam Lambert is astonishing in a live setting...
Jades said…
I have had the pleasure of seeing the original line up several times in the 70's and 80's and I saw this era in the US this summer. It was amazing and just good as the original line up just different. They do dig deep into the first few albums in the arena tour. Go see them if you can....it is as I said an amazing show.
Bubblebabe3000 said…
Thank you Mathew for saying what needed to be said!
Rhonda*in*MI said…
I've loved Queen since 1973 and saw them 10x with Freddie and twice with Adam--Oh and Adam I think 3x on his own-I've loved AL since he set foot on the AI stage. I can't be more in love with this combo! Freddie died, we are all very sad over that and I can still shed a tear watching the tributes and specials and even when I hear him sing many Queen songs--but Adam brings a freshness to their music and his heart is great and his talent is immeasurable! So let the haters hate, Queen + Adam Lambert make my heart smile!!!!!!!!!
WindyJocelyne said…

I love Queen and I love Adam Lambert too. Im a Glambert and Adam are the most talented young man who have amazing voice powerful voice also and its that reason why Dr. Brian May & Roger Taylor love him they reconnised that Adam have all they need. He is teatrical like Freddie was too, he have a powerful voice like Freddie got too. He's charming, great performer and love speak to fan's or crowds. He love that. Adam like Dr Brian May say he his genuin, and like they said Adam will became a huge Icon in the music because he have the old package...he have in him a little bit of Freddie and a look like Elvis Presley tell Brian May..I love them of all my heart they make a great great show together...with Adam.
KellyK said…
*standing O* *high five* *pours you a shot* Now, go see an arena show so you can hear the old songs and see the amazing stage and production. It's phenomenal!
Steve Hawkins said…
Line up changes are a fact of life for bands (though kudos to Marillion for the last change being 25 yrs ago)..... Can't say the Paul Rodgers collaboration worked for me as the voice didn't feel right but Adam Lambert does a fantastic job. There's no reason for them not to keep going but playing devils advocate I'd say a lack of new material does make it feel like a nostalgia act. As you say Matt, it's been 5 years so even a single shouldn't be beyond them
vaiybora said…
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