What Classic Rock presents Prog forgot part 3

The last 10 album that I feel should have been the Classic rock presents Prog magazine top 100 albums of all time rather than too many albums by Yes and Genesis! 

T2 - It'll All Work out In Boomland

Pure classic progressive rock from Decca in 1972. This is another that should have been top 5. This trio had a solid sound a blend of Cream, King Crimson and a hint of Black Sabbath. The album has been re issued many times, though a 1st press on Decca fetches a tasty sum. Side 2 has the epic 22 minute song Morning that is as good as Echoes as far as long constructed pieces is concerned. 

Manfred Mann - Chapter Three 

Another release from Vertigo. At the end of Manfred Mann the band had gone down a Jazzy route and this carried on with Chapter three with its solid bass riffs and lots of great solos. Trumpet legend harry Beckett even makes and Appearance. Zappa fans of the Grand Wazoo era will love this, as will people that dig Black Sabbaths version of 'Warning'

Deep Purple - In Rock

As I mentioned earlier how the mighty Purple didn't make the top 100 when stuff like Kansas and Opeth did god only knows. In rock was the first studio album with Ian Gillan and like Wishbone Ash's Blown' Free Child in Time is going to be pn many great Progressive Rock sampler albums and is a classic track of the genre as is the albums opener Speed King. 

to be continued..... 


Steve Hawkins said…
Glad to the Judy Dyble album and Deep Purple in the list...

Personally can't stand the Genesis/Yes form of prog but a few others that weren't considered by the mag were: Fish, Kate Bush or albums such as High Countery (Richmond Fontaine) or Skyforger (Amorphis)

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