National Pastime - Run With Me Now - Produced and remixed by Me.

Here is something new. I was asked to play on the new recordings by Exeters ‘National Pastime’ well I didn’t really have the time but I did offer to do a remix.

The song on offer was one they had played live as Falling Trees called ‘Run with me now’ when played live it had a bit of a Cure sound to it.

When I got the recording to work with I was rather shocked it was 140 bpm and sounded nothing like the song that was played live.

Anyhow the first thing I did was to try and make it sound like the song I had heard before. So I halved the tempo and all I used was the vocals. I wrote new music and then went about editing the vocals where I sliced them up to fit in the sections that I felt best. On the choruses I took the first one and the second one and doubled them up and added lots of delay and reverb to give it a big sound. This in on the released as Remix 2.

Then I went back to the song and decided to produce a version more to the original. So I extended the drums by about a minute as there was no breaks or fills anywhere I wanted to put some in. Then I placed the vocals back in and re recorded all of the rest of the instrumentation. As well as adding keyboards and acoustic guitar. Think this one finished off the best. 

There is a review of the EP here. 

And another review here 


Always with the production intrigue there Matt, Cheers yer star, Brigs :)
Matthew North said…
Thanks mate.

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