Radio Devon Tunes 8th February 2013

So we had a bit of a mixed bag this week.

On Monday I was in Sister Ray record shop in London, I’d never been there before and I bought a few goodies, while I was there they were playing this rather good sounding album it turned out to be the new ish album from Smoke Fairies called Blood Speaks so I bought it, and played the song Take me down where you go.

After this we talked about music falling out of copyright one album being the debut from Bob Dylan that has since been re issued by several labels, one is called Not Now Music and it has a mono and stereo mix of the album plus a couple bonus tracks one being a slightly longer version of Corina Corina that was on Freewheeling Bob Dylan and has not been released on anything else apparently.

Then I took a listen to a post Peter Green version of Oh Well by Fleetwood Mac from the 1980 Live album, seeing as there was only one guitar on it they pulled off quite a decent version, and I have never heard this version on the radio before so thought id spin that too.

Last song of the evening, with all this talk about the new Jimi Hendrix album, or more just an album of slightly different takes of songs that are already out there I dug out my Nine To The Universe album that came out in 1980 made up of jams from 1969 this LP is one of the few that never made it to CD, shame as there is some cracking stuff on here and I picked the title track, though being nearly nine minutes long I came in after the first drum solo.


Steve H said…
Sister Ray was so much better before it moved location... Used to boast the greatest goth collection. Glad to see you've finally discovered the Smoke Fairies

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