11th Jan 2013 - It was all about Bowie

Because of the shock release of a new single by David Bowie this week on my spot on the Late Show on BBC Radio Devon / Cornwall I decided to talk about and pick out some tracks by the great man himself. 

They were all from the 80s, an era that often gets forgotten in comparison to the heyday of the 70s or the 're invention' that was the 90s.
The songs that I picked were

Loving the Alien – A superb tracks with great production

Tin Machine – Baby Can Dance – I’m always in the minority but Tin Machine to me was his finest hour especially the first album every single track is excellent, this is one of the best, and more importantly for local radio it doesn’t have any swear words in it!

Cat People – the Lets Dance version – Not that there is anything much wrong with the original but this one has Stevie Ray Vaughn on guitar so it wins. 

Where are we now – We ended with the new single, I have to say I like the song, but I’m not mad keen for the video. Let’s see what the albums like.


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