Sunday, December 23, 2012

Secrets For September live in your living room?

Had a bonkers gig last night.

Ellie from the band was asked to play some covers at a friend’s party, initially JP and some people from his covers band were going to do it, anyhow I ended up doing it, I had a couple of weeks to learn pushing 20 songs most of which I didn’t really know and the venue was a front room. 

As it turned out I was able to get a small PA in there and we got a very good sound and somehow managed to get our way through the set, we did of course throw in a few Secrets originals for good measure.
It did give me the idea of the concept of House gigs if you are not familiar with the idea then you can read about them here .

It may be a bit tricky to do as a full band, though Mike with his Djembe or even his mini drum kit we could, or play as a duo or trio either way it’s an idea that we are considering for 2013 maybe a small tour of places that otherwise we would never be able to get to.
So anyone like the idea of Secrets For September in their living room? Then drop us an email 

Saturday, December 22, 2012

BBC Radio - End of the world.

So yesterday it was supposed to be The End Of The world and in celebration of this, I played 4 tracks all called the End of the World. 

They were songs by The Cure, Mostly Autumn, Aphrodite’s Child and Gary Moore. An very fine collection of songs won’t you agree.  

You can Iplayer it from this link go in about an hour and 10 minutes

Friday, December 14, 2012

BBC Radio 14th December 2012

Dear readers,

Sorry I have been quiet on here, I really must do more blogging.

Just a quick note that I will again start posting what I play and talk about on the BC Radio Devon show with Vic Morgan on BBC Radio Devon.

Tonight we talked about Huw Lloyd-Langton and played the Hawkwind track 'Dragons and Fables'.

Then moved on to Thomas Dolby and played '17 Hills' from his superb 'A Map of the Floating City' album.

Lastly the new Gilmore & Roberts album and the track 'Doctor James' probably my track of the year look them out here

More soon.


Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Mastering with Mr Jaggs

Yesterday was a good day I did some mastering for my old friend David Jaggs he’s a classical guitarist and sells a lot of CDs. This is a clip of him off the telly when I first knew him when I was 14! 

His website is