Back to the Picturehouse and the Return of All Living Fear

So last night then.

Usual fun at the Picturehouse, not played there myself since January so was looking forward to playing a few tunes, as it happened Mike was free so I dragged him along this going from really a Matthew North solo gig to an All Living Fear gig this being the first one for a couple of years. We didn’t have any rehearsal Mike was just bashing his Djembe to the beat I was playing.

Also we did one song that I had never sing before. I think we pulled the gig off rather well it was like a Goth Tyrannosaurs Rex.

Set List

Broken Child (New Song)
All Living Fear
Each And Every Way
Love is a Spirit
Last Goodbye
Tomorrow (With extended solo at end)

I really liked the sound of what we did, I was looping guitars and I was using this new pedal called a Ravish Sitar that I got for Xmas that give more texture to the sound.

No longer had All Living Fear played its set than Ellie came to the stage and we did a Secrets For September set.

This was a lot more controlled as we have been gigging quite a bit recently and are getting tighter all the time.

The set went

To Behold
Upside Down
If I Need
Letting Go
Friends Forever

It was a real shame that JP wasn’t there but he had to be on the day or rather night job.

I say this many times, but it’s a fact that Had there not been the Picturehouse I would not be playing music to the level I do now, it’s such a great place that musicians get together every week and play songs to each other. Last night was much fun.


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