Paint The Picture - Fallen off the easel for now

Well as you may have seen we have had a line up change with Secrets For September, this also means that our d├ębut album ‘Paint The Picture’ will no longer be coming out. It was almost finished during the summer, we were just waiting for a time slot to re do some vocals, and a bit of additional mixing and it was finished.

Most of the artwork ideas were put down. And it had a Catalogue number and everything.

So had the album been released it would have been thus.

Secrets for September – Paint The Picture
Label – Dangernoise
Cat No DN225
Distributed by PHD in the UK Via Resurrection

Track Listing :
To Behold (North)
Traces (North / O’Shea)
Upside Down (North / O’Shea)
Paint The Picture (North / O’Shea)
Right Here (North / O’Shea)
Hold Your Peace (North / O’Shea)
Needing (North / O’Shea)
Got To Give Up The Ghost (North / O’Shea)

Line up –
Marina O’Shea – Vocals
Matthew North – Guitar / Keyboards
Mike Soundy – Drums
Dave Holwill – Bass

With Guest Roger O’Donnell – Moog solo on Upside Down and To Behold.
There was also plan to have Steve Potter on Violin for Needing this has of yet not been recorded.

(Above the Artwork for the Promo CD)

So what will happen now? Most of this material will now sit. Some tunes may be re vamped with new lyrics, but with anything its usually best to move on and write new songs. Maybe one day this album will be looked out and finished, but not at the moment where tensions are running a little high!


Steve H said…
Shame about the album being shelved Matt, hopefully some of it will get released sometime - Hope to see the band back in Exeter soon

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