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Paint The Picture - Fallen off the easel for now

Well as you may have seen we have had a line up change with Secrets For September, this also means that our d├ębut album ‘Paint The Picture’ will no longer be coming out. It was almost finished during the summer, we were just waiting for a time slot to re do some vocals, and a bit of additional mixing and it was finished.

Most of the artwork ideas were put down. And it had a Catalogue number and everything.

So had the album been released it would have been thus.

Secrets for September – Paint The Picture
Label – Dangernoise
Cat No DN225
Distributed by PHD in the UK Via Resurrection

Track Listing :
To Behold (North)
Traces (North / O’Shea)
Upside Down (North / O’Shea)
Paint The Picture (North / O’Shea)
Right Here (North / O’Shea)
Hold Your Peace (North / O’Shea)
Needing (North / O’Shea)
Got To Give Up The Ghost (North / O’Shea)

Line up –
Marina O’Shea – Vocals
Matthew North – Guitar / Keyboards
Mike Soundy – Drums
Dave Holwill – Bass

With Guest Roger O’Donnell…
First gig of 2012 Exeter Picturehouse 5th Jan 2012
Top 5 of 2011

1) Upside Down

So I started putting together the new band, ‘Secrets for September’ though I put the plan in place in 2009, this year I got it all together, Gumtree and lemonrock found Dave and Marina (As I had Mike on board in a preliminary way) and the first track that we got together was Upside Down. And with a bit of Roger’s Moog magic chucked in for good measure this was almost as perfect track as I could have ever been involved it. They say the proof in the pudding is the eating, well in music its more in the how many wish to put their money where there mouth is, and though you could and still can listen to the track for free on the bands web sites, myspace, soundcloud etc we still managed to sell enough downloads to get to No 2 in the Amazon rock chart and No 1 in the ‘Hot New Releases in Rock’ on Amazon. This was completely overwhelming to me having never seen such a reaction to something new so quickly. By far my proudest musical achievement in my 20 year career.