Just a Reel of tape?

Apart from the spools my Dad had I have never seen any R.T.C. tape anywhere like to know more info on this brand if anyone knows.

Well this was a strange thing, it was almost like the nearest thing that I will ever experience to a ghost, not that ghosts exist you understand.

I was over at Mums today, and I dug out an old reel of tape that was Dads, It had some classical music on it, and I wanted to see if it was any BBC stuff that he recorded off the radio as I knew that some of it was. Anyhow I dug it out and played it into my PC. I though it must have been BBC as it had an announcement someone reading off the sleeve notes of the LP before the album began remember in the late 60s you didn’t have flat bed scanners!

On closer listen to this announcer I realised it wasn’t a BBC continuity announcer but it was my Dad. I literally had to sit down after this, it was 12 years since I heard his voice, and much as I can remember his voice to hear it again after such a long time was quite mind blowing to hear it again.

I thought Id share this as though it doesn’t mean much to anyone other than me, it is an event that I want to document.

Above the rear of the Box

The Voice of Mike North by Matthew North


spookyzo said…
I still can`t bring myself to watch video of my dad, and photos upset me too, so I really feel for you on this one. Its really bittersweet isn`t it.

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