A little observation from a thread on facebook where someone is not happy that the copyright laws have been extended because he wants to fileshare stuff he doesnt own.

When a piece of music is made:-

When the artist has an idea – No Payment
When Artist writes lyrics – No Payment
When Artist makes demo – No Payment – Though Artist has to make Demo and their expense
When Artist records track – No Payment – Again artist may have to pay for this too
When Track is released – No Payment
If the track sells after the labels ‘Expences’ – Appx 10% is paid to the Artist as a whole

Promotion for song – Artist foots the bill

Playing live – at most gigs the person that normally doesn’t get paid is the artist, specifically if they are on say a support tour they are paying the headline act to be the support to get the exposure.

Advertising to promote the product – All gets taken out of any royalties made.

The Gamble is that if a song has longevity then over time this will create an income for the artist in other words this is a very LONG TERM investment made by artist.

When a House is built ;-

Artist makes a sketch – Get Paid
Architect makes plans – gets Paid
Builder starts work – Gets Paid
Building suppliers – Gets Paid
House is finished and electricians / gas fitters come in - All get paid


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