Secrets For September at the Passage House Festival 7th August 2011

Last Sunday was the second day of the Topsham Ferrymans weekend. Take a nice little pub by the side of the river, put up a stage with a small PA fill the place with people and hey presto you have a festival.

I wasn’t there for the Saturday, but I hear it was all good fun. Arrived on Sunday, there was a band playing when I got there not knowing what the PA situation would be I was pleased to hear they had a good sound balance. So once unloaded (And managed to bash my head on the scaffolding!) Parked up and managed to relax a bit before the gig. Saw a good few friends there Simon, Deb and Jackson, Vic who I do the radio show with who I haven’t seen for ages (were back on air first week of September btw) Kal and Ant a good mix. As we are still bass player less at the moment I played the bass with my feet. I recently bought a set of Roland Bass Pedals here is a little video from out practice the other day.

Before our set there was an entertainer on that did fire juggling and a whole manor of other tricks. The sun came out and we played out set this wasn’t an Acoustic set, or an electric set but something in between.

Hold your Peace
To Behold
Wandering Minds
Upside Down
Right Here
Got To Give Up The Ghost

I had a few issues with playing the bass at the same time, but I had only owned the pedals a week playing the tape of the gig back it sounded pretty good mix.

After we finished it started to rain so we finished just in time. Thanks to Martin for putting us on It was a fun show.


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