In a field of freedom?

So on Saturday Secrets For September headlined the Freedom Fields festival in Plymouth, this is a much small affair than the one they have in June that boasts an audience of about 3000 odd people.
We got there, saw there was a tent which was a plus as the weather has been pretty rubbish the last few days. A Small Pa and an audience of people. As some of you know Dave is unable to perform live with the band due to other commitments and we have a new guy JP playing for us, though he has only been practicing for about 2 weeks with us. Also we were without Mike as he was on holiday, so we played this gig as an acoustic set, which in hindsight was exactly the right thing to do as it was a much more laid back type of gig.

We played a 35 minute set that had

Hold Your Peace
To Behold
Wandering Minds
Upside Down
Right Here
Got To Give Up The Ghost

Our on stage sound was great, we could hear everything crystal clear. The people watching really enjoyed it and I felt we were making real progress as a band, Hats off to JP as well for learning the set so quickly.

Shame the weather put off a few people, but that didn’t dampen the spirits at all was a good day.


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