Strumming in the Street
Well on Tuesday I think it was Marina email me about an event in Exeter called the ‘Exeter Street Performers Festival’ and asked me if I wanted to take part, the idea was that there would be 16 or so acts from all over performing in the Princesshay area of Exeter. I was game and so was Dave, Mike alas was teaching so alas couldn’t do it.

The first set we did was in the wrong place, we found the person that was on before us and just assumed that was where we were playing, though it turned out he was some sort of pro busker and that was his normal spot! So we played a set of our songs acoustically outside some shoe shop! Marina gave it 110% though, and it was quite a fun thing to do, and had a fair few watching us, was the first time that I had ever played in the street.

Marina at the first set

The second set was in a much nicer area, outside some old building with gothic arches it was also quieter so we could hear each other play. The set was quite tight actually and we did every song that we have written its kind of cool that you can do this, mark of a good song and all.

After the second set

Once this was over we had a break for a bit and Dave had to go off to play another gig. There was a kind of an after show thing at Oddfellows bar, so we then played another set, though this time there was a PA. My mate Levin Winsor from work was about and offered to play some percussion, and I did have my bongo drums with me, as it turned out we had a great sound with looped guitars and bongos made a good end to a good day of live music.

Oddfellows set

There was more to come though as after we headed off to Padders place for a rehearsal of ‘the Unholy Hour’ a one off Cure covers band that will be playing in Exeter on the 21st July at the Picturehouse.

I was rather knackered by the time I got home!


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