Last week was another busy one.

Thursday it was Andrew Padders birthday, and for it a load of us formed a Cure covers band, we did 8 songs, and considering that we only had one rehearsal I think we played pretty well. I also did a solo set when I also played an improvised number, haven’t done anything like that for ages.

Solo Set:-

Natures Land (Never done solo before)
Tres Desole (Again never done solo before)
I See You (New song, only second live outing different arrangement to last time)
Love Is A Spirit

Live Improvisation 21st July 2011 by Matthew North

Friday during the day went to Tiverton to record drums with mike, this is actually the last session we needed so all the bass and drums are recorded now. And 75% of the vocals are done and about the same in guitars so all good to go soon.

Friday evening we went to an old school indie night, all the stuff you liked to hear at clubs before Britpop came along and killed it all, Stone Roses, Smiths, Ride etc great night at the kings, they are going to have another one in about a months time.

Saturday was my mate Bernard’s birthday, I have known him since I was 8 years old, and we played music when we were kids, we did 2 gigs one in 87 and one in 88 and never played in public since, until Saturday night where I played about 6 songs with his covers band inc Route 66 a song that we did back in 87 / 88.

The Fabulous Thorvertones & Matthew North - Route 66 (Live Bootleg Recording) by Matthew North

Yesterday was a day at home ending up watching Rainbow DVDs are reading that Rod, Jane and Freddie were in a love triangle!


Saskia Walker said…
You seem to be doing more than ever! :)
Matthew North said…
Well this is what happens when you do stuff you want to do rather than sticking with stuff you don’t want to do out of some miss guided loyalties...
Saskia Walker said…
I always did say you should be in a rock band... ;-)
Matthew North said…
I dont think of what I'm doing now as a 'Rock' band but it aint Goff thats for sure!!

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