Skin Rock The City DVD

Im just taking a break from working on some Secrets for September tracks, as I’m home this weekend where as every body else seams to be out in the sun.

Last night Myke Gray announced that Skins Rock City gig is finally going to be released on DVD. This was suppose to be have been Skins farewell as earlier in 2009 they had reformed to play main stage at Donnington Download festival. I had offered our services to film them as they had never had anything filmed before other than a few promos and some top of the pops appearances. And we followed them from rehearsal to Download and made a bloody good documentary called ‘Skin Reunited’.
In December of 2009 I had been on tour with my old band All Living Fear, I had lost a lot of money and decided to never go on tour again, about 2 weeks later Myself and Lee-Anne had gone to see the so called supergroup ‘Them Crooked Vultures’ and though it was the most tedious load of old pap that we had ever seen, and decided that we should go and see something to renew that not all rock music had gone down the pan. So we decided to go to Skins final gig at Rock City, and while we were there we may as well film it too.
I had ran out of tape on tour to film them to it was a mad dash to tescos to get enough Mini DV tapes, I also didn’t have enough cameras so I managed to borrow a couple. Rock City was the perfect venue to film it, no busybody’s getting in out way, plenty of places to put fixed cameras. Doug Hall was mixing the sound, so we knew that the 2 track out the desk would be as near to spot on as we could get.
The band set was amazing, the best that we had seen, on the summer the stand out gig was one on Wolverhampton, much as Download was suppose to be the big one, it was too big, no connection with the audience like you have with a Skin gig in its own right.
Rock City was packed, the set was storming.
When we looked through the tapes we though there was something really special here, so Lee-Anne edited one track sent it to Myke, he loved it, and so Lee-Anne edited the whole gig.

We though they were going to release it last year, but they didn’t, because they wanted to make a new album and play download again, We did shoot the second download gig, it had a better connection with the audience than the first one, though being in a big tent, it didn’t look as good, but it was OK, we did also pop along to the Ponty warm up show, that was great, a promo for the track I was Born to Rock and Roll was made out of this footage, though it was not without its problems, the final version that was released was partially edited by me, and then re edited by someone else. In hindsight this could have been done a lot better (It was a bit short on shots, could have done with shooting one more time at another gig) also sync was an issue as live it was a slightly different tempo and a different arrangement but that’s all history now.

Anyhow a couple of weeks ago I sent DV masters to Myke, and the DVD is currently having menus edited.
There are 2 edits made to the gig as we had to remove the 2 covers from the set, though here is one of them.


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