Secrets for September and other music

Well I haven’t done a music blog for a while, been rather busy. Just quickly I have booked a big show for All Living Fears 20th anniversary next year, nothing will get announced until nearer the time but I’m sure you can probably guess where when and what day it will be on!

Getting on to more important stuff, it has been a busy week for Secrets for September, firstly in case you hadn’t guessed, Niall was unable to commit fully to the band, so has decided to leave, thankfully we have replaced him with the excellent Dave Holwill who made his debut with the band last Thursday.

The gig at the picture house went well and we had more than expected watching us live on the web stream too, I’m thinking this sort of technology is rather amazing, it was only 5 years ago that the who were web streaming some of there gigs and they were having to use a satellite to do it, where as we were doing it with a wifi connection and Roger O’Donnell’s Apple Mac!
Anyhow for the moment the gig is still online at the gig was a good experiment, as some of the songs worked really well in the acoustic style, where as others probably missed the keyboards. Still we are writing more and more material and are preparing to record with the prospect of an album being released in the autumn.

Then on Saturday we were to Stepcote Hill in Exeter for a photo shoot with photographer Mike Alsford and with him were Alex White and Andy Robinson and a dead pro team they are too, there was lights, reflectors everything, not had a location photo shoot in my life before!
(Had a couple shoots in a studio in the 90s and had some pics of ALF done at a practice studio in london last year but thats it!) Anyhow some of the results are here


Marc Hughes said…
Sorry I missed the gig Matt - sounds fantastic !
Here's to the next one

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