Upside Down - The Beginning of Secrets for September

OK so after Christmas I decided that I wanted to go for it with a new band. Niall and Michael were in already, and after putting out some downloads we bagged the Sonic Rock gig, I was very pleased with this as it was always a festival that I wanted to do. Anyhow I still wanted a singer for the band, so as I had music on-line I gave Gumtree a go, within a couple days I had 2 people interested. and straight away I had a gut feeling Marina was perfect for the job, we met her a few days later, the day after she sent me lyrics for 4 songs, 2 days later we rehearsed and the following week we did a gig.

Next thing was to record, I had the basic demo of the song recorded, and I went to Marinas house to record her vocals using a laptop and a USB mixer. The vocal sessions went very well. A few days later I popped over to my other studio and put some drums down off my Roland kit, they were only rough but gave the song a groove. I then did all the guitars.

Next thing I wanted to do was to add some synth lines, I did a solo that was good but I knew the Moog was better, so I went over to Roger's place and got him to do it, in about 25 minutes he cracked it, always the professional Roger is (All the strings and other keyboards were played by me using Wavestation and Mellotron plug ins).

I did edit what he did slightly, he did a long intro (because the intro was initially longer) I sliced it up and used bits for the verses just here and there.

Last thing was some proper drums, so off I went to Tiverton to the music shop where Mike teaches drums, I had just taken delivery that day of a new USB audio interface and this was its first job. and in about 4 takes we nailed all the drums pretty much perfectly. A very pleasing recording session all round.

So here is the song.

Secrets For September - Upside Down

And some photos of Mike!


Roger said…
You left out the bit about holding a gun to my head to make me do it!

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