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Playlist The Late Show 19th Feb 2011
BBC radio Devon / Cornwall / Channel Islands / Online

It was Folk Relief night for the Devon Air Ambulance and I played

Leadbelly - Where did you sleep last night?
Nick Pynn - The Correct Section of Gears
All About Eve – Gypsy Dance
New Model Army – Vagabonds
Pentangle – Open the Door

I will be doing some more folk relatet tunes next week.
Upside Down - The Beginning of Secrets for September

OK so after Christmas I decided that I wanted to go for it with a new band. Niall and Michael were in already, and after putting out some downloads we bagged the Sonic Rock gig, I was very pleased with this as it was always a festival that I wanted to do. Anyhow I still wanted a singer for the band, so as I had music on-line I gave Gumtree a go, within a couple days I had 2 people interested. and straight away I had a gut feeling Marina was perfect for the job, we met her a few days later, the day after she sent me lyrics for 4 songs, 2 days later we rehearsed and the following week we did a gig.

Next thing was to record, I had the basic demo of the song recorded, and I went to Marinas house to record her vocals using a laptop and a USB mixer. The vocal sessions went very well. A few days later I popped over to my other studio and put some drums down off my Roland kit, they were only rough but gave the song a groove. I then did all th…
4th Feb 2011 - Calstock Tamar Inn

I find these days if I go for more than 2 weeks without playing a gig I suffer with musical cabin fever so I was asked to play some songs at an acoustic night in Cornwall at the Tamar Inn in a small village called Calstock. Neil the guy that runs it I have know for years as I work with him, and Colin and Simon from work do the sound.

I got there around 9.45 and by 10 I was on. I did a short sent as I had to dash off to the Radio station to do my show.

I played

Fortunes Light
Blue Sky
To Behold

The songs went down very well, I was far more confident than when I played to the same audience a year ago.

BBC radio 11th Feb 2011

Tonight was a Gary Moore Tribute night and I played
Gary Moore - Key To Love
Frankie goes to Hollywood - Warriors of the Wasteland (Attack mix with GM)
BBM - Waiting in the wings
Gary Moore and Phil Lynott - Out In the Fields
Gary Moore - Walking by Myself
BBC Radio in the South West

4th February 2011

Tonight I talked about Roxy Music as they are currently on tour to celebrate 40 years together.

The songs I played

Virginia Plain
Edition Of You
In every dream home a heartache
Jealous Guy