North and Parker at Ryan's Bar Torquay 3rd September 2010

Last night was a bit of a special gig for us, really the first official post All Living Fear gig, billed as North and Parker and as we were the only band on the bill we had to extend the set, so the obvious thing is to play 2 sets one acoustic and one electric.

The acoustic set was made up of

Fortunes Light
Friend Forever
Love is a Spirit (Arthur Brown Cover)
Broken Dream

What made this different to the normal acoustic sets that myself and Niall have done is that Niall was playing slide guitar rather than Bass, this had a great sound, especially as he was playing his guitar through a compressor and a memory man analogue delay pedal.

After a break of 5 minutes we then took to the stage for the electric set, there was only really 1 stable All Living Fear song in the set specifically Jessica, the rest was either song I have written in the past year as well as a few of my older tracks.

To Behold (With Synth solo)
Wait for Yesterday
The Living
Wait Here (For You)
Hey You (Cure Cover)
Twenty Nine Point Nine
The last song was a new one but I’m not listing it here as it might give the game away

There was a few more tracks in the set, but we cut the set a little shorter as my voice was flagging and we had gone on a little late.

All in all was a good gig, the PA at Ryan’s bar is very good and puts a lot of more well known club venues to shame.


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