20th September 2010 at the James Street Vault

Well first things first, I will start with Mondays gig at the James Street Vault. Now the JSV is a pub that is right in the middle of the University in Plymouth, but innless you know its there you would have no idea of its existence if you get my drift.

I played a short acoustic set down there a few weeks ago, and impressed Mark the promoter down there enough to give me a gig. Is a bit tricky for me at the moment not actually having a band for the first time in 18 years, but the ‘North and Parker’ concept is a very neat bridge as we can have a full sound and play whatever we like, new songs, old songs even the odd cover, and it can be electric or acoustic, and all the way it keeps the chops up and hopefully keeps the audience entertained as well.

So we got there about 8pm set up our kit, had to wait till 9 for the pa to set up but once arrived sound checking was a relatively easy and simple process. We made up a song on the spot called the Pizza song, based on what we had just eaten, I liked the chord sequence and as I had my Zoom box running I might got back to it and turn it into a proper song.

So we kicked off at about 10:20pm with the acoustic set

1. Fortunes Light
2. Feel
3. Friends Forever
4. Drowning
5. Love is A Spirit
6. Broken Dream

On the acoustic set Niall was playing slide guitar like we did at the Torquay show, it was a lot more fluid this time, and we settled into it much better. After a break of about 10 minutes, the lights went off the projectors came on as we did the electric set.

1. To Behold
2. Jessica
3. Wait For Yesterday
4. The Living
5. Destiny
6. Wait Here (For You)
7. Hey You
8. Crimson
9. Twenty Nine Point Nine
10. Is Space Found?

So the last song that I didn’t list on the Torquay set is ‘Is Space Found’ ? One of the new Secrets for September songs. But I wanted to keep it under wraps until the download was out.

So was smiles all round after, I enjoyed the gig and felt more comfortable as front man than at any other gig before now. Its not perfect far from it but getting better all the time.


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