Some films

I’m not one for watching films, but recently I have watched quite a few, I’ve seen all the Hannibal films and a serial killer film called Copycat, though my real passion is documentaries and I’ve seen 2 very good ones this week.

It Might Get Loud

This is a film where you get 3 of the most important and influential guitarists of the last 50 years.
Jimmy page – for the Classic rock prospective and legendary riffs
The Edge – For the technology
Jack White – for the no frills back to basics raw guitar playing

The start of this film shows Jack white litrally building a 1 string guitar before your very eyes, the film then moves on to how the 3 respeticve guitarists got into playing, first guitar, what it isn’t a film about is just a biopic about the bands they formed.

Then they get into a room together, looking very uncomfortable at first, but they soon warm and start talking about their influences and do a little jamming of each others riffs, one of the best scenes is Jimmy Page playing whole lotta love and Edge and White just watching in awe. The high point of the film for me is seeing the three of them playing In My Time of Dying. A great film even if you not mad into guitars.

The Bridge

This is something quite shocking, The golden gate bridge in San Francisco is one of the most iconic bridges in the world. Its also the bridge where more people have committed suicide off than any other bridge in the world.

Cameras were set up over the whole of 2004 to observe what happens on the bridge, the film reveals 24 people died committing suicide off the bridge with several being stopped in the nick of time. Some of the stories are deeply moving, what also surprised me was that most of the people that died were men. The cinematography was amazing and the film was made with some of the highest production values that I have ever seen in broadcast.
Be warned the film shows people jumping form the very start.


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