The Cure Rocket Reunion

So Last night was The Cure Rocket Reunion at the Railway in Crawley. When I got there found a pub full of 50% locals and 50% Goths mostly members of bands. Section 3 the other band that Steve was playing with tonight were setting up, complete with a vintage Lynn drum machine the sort of thing you only ever see in old episodes of Rock School.

Anyhow, the bands kicked off and Steves lot were on first, carrying on pretty much where Complicity left off about 12 year ago, good solid set. I started to get things together while Luxury Strangers were on stage, little practice in the beer garden and we were ready. This gig was a little odd as 2 members were missing, Niall and Nev were not there, still using a track with bass on pumped through a meaty bass amp gave it enough thud in the bass dept.

We did a 35 minute set that had

To Behold
Wait For Yesterday
Crimson (First time in ages)
Hey You (well it IS the Cure festival after all)
Stranger To None
Twenty Nine Point Nine

Really enjoyed the gig, the audience were very warm to us, id co so far as to say is was the best reception that we have had so far with this era of the band.


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