Well that was a surprise!

Last night my girlfriend went out for a drink with a friend and I was going to pick her up after work, I get a text from her around 10 pm saying to bring my guitar with me. It turned out that I had been booked a slot on an acoustic night at a venue called the James Street Vault. Id never been there before but its basically in the middle of the university, It’s a kind of a cross between the Dev in Camden and the Timepiece in Exeter. When I got there a Irish folk band were launching into full swing, then there was a French blues guitarist and after him it was me.

I did 3 songs in totally I should probably have done a few more but I didn’t want to over cook it. I did Fortunes Light, To Behold and 29.9 I was very pleased in how it all went down, I was quite nervous and I’m always nervous when it comes to using the loop pedal you only have to knock it out of time by a fraction and it sounds awful but I managed to get it spot on.

It’s a great little venue and I’d very much like to do it again.

Photos are on my facebook page http://www.facebook.com/matthewnorthmusic


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