Update 14th July 2010

Hi all

Well I thought it was about time for an update, though I’m still rather excited by the news that last Saturday David Gilmour and Roger Waters performed again together, If you didn’t know they did a charity gig in Kidlington Oxfordshire for the HOPE for Palestine charity inc one generous audience member who paid 50 thousand quid for them to do an encore of Another Brick In The Wall.

You can read more about here here http://www.davidgilmour.com/

The photo was by Polly Sampson.


I have been writing and recording, I was looking at putting something out as a free download by the end of the month, I hope this to still be the plan, there are 2 songs almost finished, one called Drowning and the other called Feel that I have performed live a few times on my acoustic gigs.

Yes I am also going to do another All Living Fear download this like the last one will be free and will have maybe 2 or 3 tracks, and maybe an extended mix of one of the songs as well. There is a story behind the main track that will be explained when its released. I don’t have a definite time for it but I hope it may be ready for the gigs in August.

I’m still looking to do more gigs this year on my own, and also if the one in Plymouth goes well I might do some more as a duo with Niall, this isn’t a new band project its just something to keep the chops up for the time being.


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