Exeter Picturehouse 29th July 2010

Last night was another trip up the A38 to the Picturehouse in Exeter.

I must have played there more than any other venue in the last 2 years, and it’s a great test bed for what I’m doing. Tonight I had put in some new songs, because I have been practicing singing every day weather with the band, recording or whatever the nerves factor isn’t kicking in like it was.

The first act on was Rosie Eade and a chap playing Piano, they were VERY good indeed, I think it was one of their first gigs too.

After her set I went on, was nice to have a gang of mates in the audience.

The set went like this

Fortunes Light
Drowning (A new song)
Broken Dream (A new ish song that will be explained in a few weeks time)
TO Behold
Love is a Spirit (Arthur Browns Kingdom Come song)
Twenty Nine Point Nine

I decided to do Love is a spirit as a kind of last minute thing, I remembered the lyrics were on the Tantric Lover CD so I typed them out, played it through a couple of times on my lunch break then did it for real and really enjoyed playing it.

I think I played 2 bits of mission riffs every time I saw slink walk past to go outside for a fag ha ha !

After us was Super Punk Muffin whom played for about a hour, though only did 5 Songs with 10 minutes of chat in-between each song, Kal had some wicked effects coming out of his Roland cube bass amp, really good Auto Wah/envelope filter on those amps!

Was a great night, and looking forward to my next Picturehouse show.


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