So that’s it ?

Yes I have finally laid the mantle All Living Fear to rest.

I always had a plan, the plan was simple, I was going to give All Living Fear one last shot over a 6 month Period.

I did this by firstly getting a new band together to play some shows and maybe write some songs.

The thing is for any band, if the line up isn’t anything to do with the bands last CD people are seldom going to want to see said band, as was the case with the Autumn tour. That’s why the non ‘Goth Scene’ gigs were great and the Goth Scene ones were awful.

Another thing I had to do was to do a one off gig with Paul just for the fun of it and Play Into The Light one more time, we did that in Torquay in February.

I also wanted to do one more gig in London, we did that at the Underworld that was a great gig and really should have been left there.

But there is a couple more commitments, one was in Cambridge and then we have the Cures rocket reunion thing in august that again will be a fun gig to do with some excellent other bands playing all for a worthy cause.

If I’m honest the last few years have been hard work in a number of ways, Booking gigs was always hard, we were too well known to get warm up slots with other bands, but not well known enough to headline (like we did a lot of in the 90s), resulting in finding it hard to get places to play. The whole Goth scene that we were involved in changed a lot and with all sub genres of the scene live gigs suffered badly with poor turn outs and it affected everyone so much so that bands just stopped touring like they did. Then there were internal problems with the band that I wont bore you with now, but so much time was wasted waiting around for people to be ready to do stuff then never were, and I could write a book of let downs and broken promises that I have had from people to do with this band.

So its time to get out now, all financial things were sorted last year with Andy, the Fifteen years after project in many ways and the DVD that followed was the wrap up of that era of the band, really the bands most important time 1994-2007 there was nothing left to say or do.

I do think now that things should have ended at the Whitby show of 2007 but with a new album out you just want to keep going don’t you?

So that’s it All Living Fear is over, I am now able to sing and play guitar in public to my hearts content, I have some mates that I can work with for a full band, though musically we are only just starting to get to know each other. I have a lot of musical ideas to work through so I’m not going to get bored any times soon.


Best of luck with the new band mate, looking forward to hearing more

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