Gig at Exeter Havana 4th May

Ok so this is a new venue for me, the last time I went anywhere on the quay in Exeter was around 1995 / 1996, the whole place has changed a lot.

Havana is a recently done up bar, its very big, has a stage and does very good chips. There was 4 acts on tonight, 3 of them including myself well all one man and a guitar, and the night ended with a dup where one of them also played one of those boxes you sit on and play like a drum sounded very effective.

I felt much more confident performing tonight, for one thing the PA was good and I could hear everything crystal clear through the monitor, plus there was a healthy amount of claps from the audience that is always a good sign.

The Set List I played:

Fortunes Light
Friends Forever
Hey You (Yes the song by The Cure)
Twenty Nine Point Nine
To Behold

This was a solo show as Niall was not available and for once I was feeling comfortable doing it, roll on the next one which will be at the Picture House on the 20th


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