Here is some lyrics to one of my new songs.

Feel – 10-03-2010

Everybody that you see today
Wants to get there and is happy to pay
Doesn’t matter if you sing or dance
You just want to have the chance

Reality is a wonderful thing
It’s not your dreams that they want you to bring
Through the door with a broken heart
That’ll get you to the start

Dreams may come, and dreams may go
Nothing to win, if you get on the show
The only thing you can guarantee
Is you will loose you dignity

Money for something you cannot spend
They take your soul to the very end
There’s no short cut to be a star
Just open your heart and play your guitar

Everything you dream is not as it seams
Manufactured waste is your only scene
Think long and hard before you take the step
Or you’ll live in a life of debt

Come on through to the other side
Your soul and heart is so alive
Do the things you want to do
Don’t let the high trousers turn the screw

There’s no substitute for something that’s real
For something from the heart that you will feel

That you really feel
Can you really feel
Do you really feel
Can you really feel
Can you really feel

Feel, Feel, Feel
Can You Feel


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