Sunderland 1st Dec 2009

So after a good night in Glasgow it was off to the final show of the tour, Sunderland.

It was a relatively quick drive down the 175 miles to the hotel, It was nice to stay in an old fashioned Travelodge, the Glasgow one the night before was rubbish, though they did do an all you can eat breakfast for something like 7.50 and Tony made the most of it.

Once we got to the hotel I made my last blog then headed off to the venue, The Cruxshadows were still sound checking, they have a very slick slow, but they want to get things Just right, not that we were worried as time wasn’t pressing. We had a good sound check, I could hear everything clearly on stage, and I was still a bit put off after the monitors disappeared last night during one of the songs.

In the back stage area there was a mobile radio station set up, DJ Ghost presents a program on Local Radio up there every week and they did it live from the gig, which was rather cool.

Anyhow, we went to the local weatherspoons for dinner, they do a deluxe posh Veggie burger there now, I had that without Chips, which would have just been way too much.

When we got back we saw Aria had hit the stage, this was a singer, and keyboard player affaire, she was going down pretty well with the audience.

Then it was our turn, we rushed to get on as if we went on before time we could have a longer set, that being said, our set was 33 minutes, and we had a 30 minutes set, and by going on earlier we actually came off before time so that all worked out well.

Now the set list as promised.
the Full tour set was

Each and Every Way
Home Too Soon
Wait for Yesterday (This had the working title of Power of Drums or Pod)
The Living
Wait Here (For You)
The Widow’s Blame
Stranger To None

For Sunderland we dropped Each and Home, as well as the intro tape

The set went down well enough, and we then did an interview on Ghosts radio show. Got to see a little of the Cruxshadows set which ended up in chaos, basically they always drag people from the audience onto the stage, and they all have a jog around, except the security didn’t quite see it this way, and stormed boots in on stage and basically tried to stop it, this ended up in the set stopping, and really put a bit of a damper on what was a rather good gig. Still the people there enjoyed the show, just a shame it has to be ruined in this way.

So the day after, I overslept and it was time to go home, we spent in total about 13 hours traveling, as we had to comer to Devon via Huntingdon to drop Nev off, there was a nice garden center that we had as a drop off point, point of interest was they had some lovely parrots in there.

So we got home unloaded.

This tour has been a great deal of fun, performance started off a bit ropy got better, there is still a lot of work to be done before we really nail it to the table, but we made solid progress. It looks like everyone concerned wants to do it again, I think the next tour will be when the weather is a bit more warmer.

The gang consisted of

Matthew North – Guitar and Vocals
Nevla – Guitar
Niall Parker – Bass
Steve Williams – Guitar

Tony Twinpeeks – Merch and Crew
Lee-Anne Burgess – Filming

The Possy
Suzanne, Natalie and Ian

Cruxshadows on Stage

Oops look what I nabbed

Niall saying ta da to Aria at the Travelodge

At the Drop off point in Huntingdon


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