A moment of Skin

Yesterday was a slightly surreal moment. A while ago Myke Gray talked about me joining Skin for the encore at the London show on their UK tour. I thought great, however if I’m totally honest here, I’m so used to musicians saying one thing then conveniently forgetting than I kind of put it out my mind.

Anyway the day of the gig, well I did have a little strum before I left only because sometimes things amazing happen, and I have had some rather amazing moments since I get involved with the whole Skin thing.

The band sound checked, I decided to film the band as there was 2 new songs in the set and the odd number that wasn’t in the tour last time, and Skin are the most fun band I have ever filmed and its never a chore, Doug who is doing the sound is also Iron Maidens sound engineer and he’s right on the button, so much so that if I’m brutally frank I was shit scared of him, even though I had met him before. After a few little chats I found him much easier to talk to I guess I’m not really used to talking to people that are at the top in the industry.

Anyhow I went back stage and helped then to unwrap DVDs ready for signing as ALL the DVDs sold are fully autographed as are the new CD too. While down there Myke mentioned about the encore again, and I was quite knocked out, there was one stumble I was worried Nev might not be happy about it as I would be playing one of his gorgeous Strat’s, he did go a little quiet.

Just before the show I checked with Myke and he said that everything was cool, and I spoke to Nev’s brother Iain who was across it all and I tried on one of Nevs guitars just to make sure the strap wasn’t to long, It was a little but I could cope.

Anyhow the gig started and the band played a blinder it was as good as Wolverhampton earlier in the year if not more so, though Wolverhampton will always be a special moment.

I managed to do a swift camera tape change before the encore then I walked back and Iain handed me the guitar, I was slightly shitting myself, remember it was a full house and I has never strummed a note with the band before. Nev then introduces me and then also brings on Toby Jepson (form Little Angles / Gun who was also supporting).

Then its 1,2,3,4 Boff a very fast 4 minutes take place. Now the first thing that ran through my mind was not am I playing the right notes, because I knew I was, but it was bloody hell this is a REALLY nice guitar. And I almost forgot I was on stage! Then the second half I was more into it. I could hear every note I was playing unlike the vast majority of All Living Fear gigs. Then in a flash it was all over and I was back in the pit with my TV camera.

Afterwards when I said tad a to the guys Nev said something really nice to me about my playing, that really just rounded the night off perfectly for me.

What a night.


Anonymous said…
I like your blog, and what a great story :-)
Anonymous said…
thanks mate :)

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