Glasgow Rockers – 30th Nov 2009

Well last night was a great gig. Rockers is a proper live club venue, has loads of memorabilia all over the place, had a massive PA, and they even provide Marshall stacks as back line. That being said I still brought mine is, as we have ‘One guitarist too many’ !

Anyhow we were able to park directly outside the venue, and there was plenty of people to help. After a good sound check, the guy doing the PA happened to be Gun’s tour manager too boot, we went to the local weatherspoons for dinner and Iron Brew.

There were 2 support bands, I didn’t see much of the first band, as I was late back from food, the second band Cister Scalpal were good fun, they also dedicated a song to us, that’s always nice.

We went on stage and did our set, we went down VERY well with the audience, who were very much and younger audience, they really got into out stuff, I was actually feeling rather gob smacked by the reaction especially after talking to people afterwards.

On the way back from the gig Tony kept us all laughing our heads off with Jokes!

Well we will be shortly be leaving for Sunderland to support the Cruxshadows, Glasgow get 10/10 and we will be back sometime.

In the Travelodge

Cister Scaple

ALF in Weatherspoons

Steve Chilling

Drum skin signed by Jet Black and Rat Scabies



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