Wolverhampton Giffard 28th Nov 2009

Lee-Anne and Nev Having a Strum

Tony the Merch

Matthew with Des from Balaam who helped out loading out (thanks mate)

Hi all

This is being written at the Travelodge in Stafford, the reason we are in Stafford is that the Travelodge we booked into was over sold, and they had to send us off to another one! Still its actually an advantage as it’s a lot quieter than if we had stayed in the city center

Anyhow I guess you want to know how last night went? Well as I said earlier, the sound check went very well and we popped to a pub up the road for some food.

The support band was Ted the promoters daughters band, and they were rather good, doing the modern indie pop things, they were very tight and for their first gig pretty amazing.

We went on stage at around 11.30 was a late show, we played out set, I’m not going to post the set list until after the tour.

There was in essence one major problem, the sound engineer had simply disappeared nowhere to be seen, so we did have a problem of constant feedback for most of the gig. This unfortunately put a bit of a damper on yours truly. Still were off to stockpot now for more rock and roll.


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