Stockport Clubhouse at the Bulls Head 29th Nov 2009

Now that’s more like it!

We had a leisurely drive to Stockport, as we were already on the M6 It didn’t take long at all. We stopped off on the way, and dug out the trusty camping stove, and in the rain I was determined to make coffee and not pay rip off Costa prices, I succeeded at that!

We eventually found the travelodge we were staying in it was behind a massive complex but didn’t have a specific address, so sat nav got a bit lost!.

Anyhow, we were all knackered after the previous night, so we had a few hours rest and recuperation, once done we were all ready for the challenge ahead.

Got to the venue in good time, It was a really nice place, they had converted the upstairs of the very nice bulls head pub into a venue, had decent enough PA and monitors, and lights. Special mention goes to Danny who runs it, he books the bands, and even does the PA as well. We did manage to use up Every single input to his desk nothing was too much trouble, I wish all sound engineers were like him.

Now this was a metal night, and we were on in the middle, I think the logic behind this was we were the unknown quantity. It was a good social occasion with a few various mates turning up. The set was 10,000 times better than last night, both in terms of our performance, which in my case last night was a but ropy, and audience appreciation, far higher than before too. There was an incident of a few drunken locals arseing around, but they soon calmed down. But all in all a good solid gig.

The main band I will make special mention, Incidium do the metal thing, but they do it VERY well really tight and solid, and excellent musicianship, even Lee-Anne who doesn’t do metal at all enjoyed them. I apologize for not watching the first band Apollyon but I was saving my ears for our set, I did see a couple of numbers and they were solid too.

After we loaded up we were about to go, when we saw that the pub was still open, and Niall had the brain wave of why don’t we go back in the pub, so we had a nice long social with lots of coffee back in there, proper chill out aftershow, was all very nice.

On the way back we were entertained with Jokes courtesy of mr Twinpeeks and Mr Williams.

Its now 9.43 am and soon we have to think about going to Glasgow.

Pre Gig Stage

Look we are on tour :)

Lee-Anne and Helen

Andi and Niall

Tony and Steve


Outside the Bulls Head.


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