All Living Fear - Exeter Picturehouse 5th November 2009

Well it only seams like 5 minutes ago that I played at the picturehouse, this though was an All Living Fear show rather than just me.

There were some great acts on tonight, they do get some fabulous players, so I was a bit worried that what we were going to do might not be up to the mark.

When set time came I did 2 numbers on my own, then Niall joined me for the rest of the set. He has a great bass sound tonight, and I was feeling more confident, The Microphone stand kept falling down this was not ideal, after the first song it was sorted though.

The set Ran

Fortunes Light (That I have done a new arrangement of)
New Song Untitled

Then with Niall
Home Too Soon
Each And Every Way
The Widow’s Blame
Stranger To None

I did feel we played Home too Soon WAY too fast, but other than that I felt that the set went ok.

Again monitoring wasn’t really there I think next time I will take my own wedge.


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