A sunday afternoon recording session

The weekend proved interesting, I received a new composition from my friend Roger O’Donnell to take a listen to. It was a nice piece with some of his trademark string and piano sounds, and a really nice sounding cello. After listening to the track Me and Lee-Anne thought we would ‘Cure it up’ a bit to see what it sounded like. The first thing that I did was work out the tempo and it worked out to be 80 bpm. We then added some drums for the second section to give it a beat, then Lee-Anne wrote a nice bass line in the style of Simon Gallup. I then added some acoustic guitar to give it some more flow and then added some fake Baritone guitar, this was done by re tuning the A string on my strat to a G and then adding some delay and flanger from my Lexicon wile playing the string with the plectrum as close to the bridge as possible you get that sound. To finish off Lee-Anne added a high end bass melody. There job done, I sent it back to Roger whom seamed a little less than impressed that we had filled it with guitars, think you can’t always mess with peoples art but was a fun thing to do for an afternoon.


Anonymous said…
I'm intrigued, Matthew, to hear more of this composition. What software tools - if any - do you use, out of interest?


Sebastiaan.... :o)
Anonymous said…
Hi there, well obviously I can't share this track, but I write all my music using Cakewalk Sonar, as I have been using Cakewalk since 1996. The drums were done with Ez Drummer and I use a variety of plug ins inc the AMPEG simulator and a rack of guitar FX mainly a Korg A3 and a Lexicon reverb.

Best wishes


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