All Living Fear Exeter Picturehouse 13th August 2009

Ok last night, well this was a really strange chain of events. We get there nice and early, they moved the stage area around at the picturehouse and now its in a much better position. Didn’t take long to set up, there were 4 acts, and as always the line up order bare no resemblance to what was on the poster. While we were setting up my pal Roger O’Donnell turned up I played half a bar of a Cure song to see his reaction haha! The sound check was fine, I had also found out that Les Paul had passed away, so thought about playing a bit of The World is waiting for The Sunrise.

Anyhow, out of the blue my other half turned up this was the surprise of the evening as she wasn’t due to be coming down, then Simon Hinkler from the Mission rolled in if you had said to me in 1992 when I started the band that I would be having members of the Cure and The Mission turning up at a gig Id never have believed you in a million years.

So as for the gig itself well we played.

Fortunes Light
Home Too Soon
Each And Every Way
The Living (First time this has been played since April 1993)
The World Is Waiting For The Sunrise (Instrumental Les Paul Cover)

This is the first time that I have ever fronted the band as a singer proper, and after spending a lot of time working at it, I think I got away with it, it was loads better than the Richmond and Twickenham folk clubs that I played, though I had a few memory blanks on the lyrics. Niall played well and he really enjoyed it, especially the not having to lug out stacks of amplification after a gig. I think it will be a good idea for us to do a few more of these shows, probably not advertised just turn up and play. One thing that was obvious is that I’m not a great fan of singing songs that weren’t written for me to sing, that’s why I would probably never like to play covers, I do have a lot of new songs in the bag, and more on the way this will be more of my focus for live gigs in this situation though for All Living Fear electric shows at the end of the year there will be more familiar songs in the set.


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