Symphony in Black The Talking Heads Southampton 20th August 2006

I arrived a little late so I missed the first band The Novelty Dolls bar the last few bars so I cant really comment though they looked good. The Torpedoes were on next, now this lot were in the old school goth / alt rock vein of the Godfathers mixed with a bit of Theatre of Hate, really good lively well played stuff, I was very impressed and I would go and see this band again without question, they were great.

Tracer were next, I didn’t know what to expect here I thought there were a bleep dance type band which in fact they were, but they have gone down the industrial metal route, Kiser the singer put a lot into his performance and had a strong stage presence.

Now where at most goth all dayers the band that hits the 6 pm slot normally doesn’t get an audience as everyone has buggered off for tea, so what they did here was have a break for an hour so people could get food, they even arranged for pizza to be delivered to the venue.

So the evening kicked off with the ever popular Voices of Masada now I first saw danny and co play in Plymouth, there was not a lot of people there, but they got just about everybody there dancing by the end of the set, and that’s no mean feat. Again they get most of the black clad moving on the floor, a good set from a hard working band.

D.U.S.T. now I’ve seen them a fair few times over the years, however most times they have played through a crap PA system, this time they played through a good one, so you could hear everyone for once, and what a difference it made, they have a crystal clear sound mix, Ben the guitar player was amazing, Mikey is a top front man who gives it 101% as does Nim on the bass, really they are an excellent band that know how to perform, this is something that a lot of new bands can’t do.

And we finish off with the Screaming Banshee Aircrew, Now SBA are very well known these days, hence being top of the bill. And it’s a real mix of personalaties, this is something that makes them stand out from the rest. Now watching Mr Ed peform was slightly scarey, this is in a good way, when I started ALF in 1992, we had a singer called Steve Howson, he was a drama student (I met him at college), was an amazing showman, running all over the place, more or less doing what Mr Ed did tonight, it did leave me thinking What if? Anyway…………

SBA played a great set, Im really getting to like there stuff, and that’s a rare comment from me to have found something NEW in goth that I like, the bass player, he’s a bit if a dark horse, on the chorus of the last song, he sang a couple of bars on his own, now this guy has got a voice, id like to hear him sing lead on a number, Jo was a star as always, playing violin as well this time round (as I don’t think she did last time I saw them). All in all a bloody good band.

I really enjoyed this gig, it was also great because Southampton has always had a good scene of people, and I always see people I know down there, so it was a great social occasion as well as a good gig, I feel quite proud of having spent the last 15 years as part of the Goth scene after last night.


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