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Symphony in Black The Talking Heads Southampton 20th August 2006

I arrived a little late so I missed the first band The Novelty Dolls bar the last few bars so I cant really comment though they looked good. The Torpedoes were on next, now this lot were in the old school goth / alt rock vein of the Godfathers mixed with a bit of Theatre of Hate, really good lively well played stuff, I was very impressed and I would go and see this band again without question, they were great.

Tracer were next, I didn’t know what to expect here I thought there were a bleep dance type band which in fact they were, but they have gone down the industrial metal route, Kiser the singer put a lot into his performance and had a strong stage presence.

Now where at most goth all dayers the band that hits the 6 pm slot normally doesn’t get an audience as everyone has buggered off for tea, so what they did here was have a break for an hour so people could get food, they even arranged for pizza to be delivered to the…