The Who Tour Review of 3 Dates

So first show of the season for me was Ashton Gate in Bristol, I have been to so many good gigs in this city over the years so was well up for this one. The first band to take the stage were Never The Bride, now you may remember the singer of this band appearing on the TV programme Faking It when a choir girl became a rock chick! Anyway there is no faulting this lot a tight bunch of seasoned pros doing basically Janis Joplin type rock music, they were very good, unlike the Zutons that followed, who basically bored me to tears, bar the last song an improvisation that was OK.

The Zutons

After the Zutons played I had a keen eye on the stage, and my mate Clinton popped on stage with his little camera making an item for points west (he did an item the day before on Rabbit with a very tenuous link to the south west in that he lives in Taunton! Lucky sod got to go to Bray Studios too grrrrrr :) )

Mr Clinton Rogers!

Now the big question was will they be as good as when I saw them at the Albert Hall in 2004 ? Answer no, they were better! Pino has really fitted in well, and Zak is just amazing. The Who played a set of hits as Pete felt it was better for the summer gigs rather than playing Wire and Glass (according to hid diary) a Pity as I really wanted to hear it, that being said we did get to hear 1 new song 'Mike Post' and its a real rocker, the story is basically that Mike Post wrote many a well known theme tune, and when you hear it its a kind of a reassuring feeling, a bit like when you hear Corrie or Emmerdale 'Everything all right' the highlight though for me was hearing The Seeker and a totally brilliant rendition of Lets See Action where it starts off as an acoustic number then the band join in.

The Who in Bristol 28th June 2006

The next Show is Hyde Park, where I also saw Roger Waters I will do a separate post for that.

So In Hyde Park its a VERY hot day, I bumped into my mate Simon who owns a local garage and is also a Drummer who once was in a band with Kirk Brandon of Spear of Destiny, I also walked past Liam Gallagher (well I’m 99% sure it was him!). Now the big question was what exactly was Jeremy Clarkson doing with a Crew shirt on carrying gear and pretending he knows what he is doing? I think it may appear on Top Gear soon!

Before the band com on I saw Ross Halfin on the stage, Ross is one of the best if not the best rock photographer in the world, he also did all the photos for the tour programme and has the best blog on the internet.

Mr Ross Halfin

The Who’s set was a corker, the atmosphere was brilliant too, loads of water being sloshed around as it was such a hot day, Pete did Drowned as his solo spot, great rendition, and the back projections, well they were something else. Here are some photos.

After last nights fantastic show it was off to the edge of the new forrest and to Beaulieu I haven't been here since I was a kid, I got there around 2 and had a look around, It cost £15 which I thought was a bit pricey to be honest. Saw some nice cars inc this one

I also got to wander past the back stage area, where they do In the Attic for this is the van!

I said hello to some chap that looked official afterwards I did wonder if it was Bill Curbishley I also very briefly talked to Mikey Cuthbert who is part of the In The Attic team and I showed him one of the Hyde park photos he seamed impressed.

anyhow, they were kicking everyone out at 5pm then re opening the doors at 6 for the gig, I was wondering around when I heard some noises from the stage, so I had a look and the Who’s crew were testing the gear, I didn't think that the Who would be there as on the Newsnight feature ( I think) they said that there crew dies the sound check, but it was interesting to watch, and hear some of the loops too. so I left around 4.15 and went to the car, then what do I hear, only The Who going through Behind Blue Eyes, shit I though, how do I get back in? so I had an Idea, I did actually need to the loo, so I went back in with my receipt and asked if I could, they said yes, excellent and I legged it to the front of the stage where they were running though Who Are You (I think, I cant remember now !!!) I snapped this photo.

So on to the gig, I got to more or less the front of the queue and this time I was determined to get to the front, met some nice people from Southampton, though some jocks decided it would be ok to push in. as soon as my ticket was checked I legged it, and got the the front exactly where I wanted to be just in front of Pete.

Support was the Casbar Club, this is Simon Townshend, Bruce Foxton and Mark Brzezicki (Mark needs no introduction from me as being a member of Arthur’s band from time to time), Casbar rocked big time, real good 80s alt rock sound really enjoyed it here are some pics.

Right on to the main event, there was something really magical about tonight, you really had a fealing that you were part of it, maybe it was because I was so close and that I had been to 2 other shows. The Who came on and they did rock big time! Best if the 3 I reckon, Roger though had a problem and a valid one, he doesn’t get on with smoke/dry ice etc and has specified that it is not to be used, so the lighting people start pumping dry ice on the stage, he’s not happy and tells them so. He walks off and Pete has some banter with the audience over this.

Mr Kibblewhite was Pete and Rogers headmaster at school!

Anyhow Roger comes back and they blast through, great set, Pete's solo spot was 'Im One' tonight.

The rest of the photos go like this

And so came the end of a brilliant gig, but for me one more thing tipped off a brilliant few days, this man Alan Rogan

Was packing up Pete kit, and I called over and said can I have a Plectrum (as Pete dropped most of them) and after a bit of nagging he threw a few over and I got one, this just finished off the trip perfectly thanks Alan :)

To sum up the Who are the greatest live rock band in the world, nobody can even get close and I'm looking forward to maybe going to Americia around the time of my birthday to see them again.

Thank you Pete, Roger, Pino, Zak, Simon and John.

Matthew North 6th July 2006


DeeringB said…
Fantastic Stuff.
A marvellous review and some serious photography there.
Thanks for posting it all.


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