Paul Di'Anno - The Classics
The Maiden Years

OK, what we have here is the singer of the greatest heavy metal band of them all, singing all the key tracks that made that band great. The thing is has he pulled it of? Well quite frankly, yes and then some. The only criticism I would have is the track order, and that is because having listened to the first maiden album for the last 25 years you get used to what comes next (that’s a real bone of contention with cd remaster as they decided to shove sanctuary on as track 2 grrrr) . Still Paul is in fine voice, and has a variety of musicians that keep faithful to the maiden sound. Actually Paul has a very good way of getting backing bands, he just goes on tour with an Iron Maiden tribute bands as his backing band!

This CD is strictly limited and you can only get it from Paul’s web site, but if you are a fan at all of any of the early Maiden recordings then you should really grab a copy of this before Steve Harris comes running for the royalties! (As I notice his name is absent from the CD cover as is any copyright information!!!!)


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