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Blog March 2012

I really can’t believe that I have not done a blog since January.

Well here goes, Things have been very busy the last few months. The new line up of Secrets for September is working out better than I could have ever imagined.

Before we announced Ellie we did a couple test gigs, one just before Xmas at the JSV, One at the Picturehouse and one at Mama Stones, they all went pretty well, knew this was a winner from the start.

We have been practicing constantly and this has paid off as we are tighter now than we have ever been. We started playing live by doing a radio session for BBC Radio Devon to 80,000 listeners. Ellie had never done anything like this before, she hadn’t even done a proper gig so it was a steep learning curve for her, but she did it effortlessly and sang beautifully.

Above taken by Fiona Walsh Photography

We have written and recorded several songs, and have plans for another single called ‘Reflections’
Our gigs started with an …