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Here is a Rundown of the charts.

Well Secrets for September got to no 56 in the Amazon Rock Chart on the day traces was released, when you look at the fact that there is a LOT of new and old stuff out at the moment no least re releases from the likes of Pink Floyd and Nirvana I reckon we did pretty well.

If you have not bought our single you can get it from Amazon and ITunes Follow the links on

And while we are about it here is the video

(Me and Marina Post gig)

What a weekend.

In 19 years of being in bands, and 18 years since I first played in London (At the Islington Powerhaus!) I don’t think I have ever played a gig that has ran so smoothly as this weekend just gone.
Back in about Febuary of this year I was talking to Frank of Flag promotions about gigs, My Girlfriend had very successfully arranged a show of her own band and the Chameleons at the Islington Academy through Frank and I was inspired that this would have been a great venue for Balaam and the Angel to play. So I spoke to Frank and introduced him to Des and Jim and the gig was on. I also thought that the most obvious band in the world to support would be Claytown Troupe another band whom I’m rather pleased to say I was instrumental in getting them back together in 2004.
Anyhow I put the bands name forward and again that was all sorted out. Thinking this would make a great gig, I left it at that, but then I thought? Well Balaam still owe me a gig from the on…